10 DIY Fall Décor Ideas That Will Make Your Home As Cozy As Can Be

by Team HomeServe DIY  
Fall Wreath

Sweater weather. It’s upon us. It sneaks up on you without realizing it. One minute you’re outside enjoying the summer sun, the next you feel the fall chill set in: time to cozy up inside with a PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?) and a fleecy blanket. This is your cue to start decorating for the fall - and give your home that warm fuzzy feeling you love about this time of year with these DIY fall decor ideas:

1. Swap out summer pastels with deeper tones

The first step to embracing fall vibes is choosing a warm color palette. Think burgundy, burnt orange, brown, green, creamy neutrals and colors that create a natural, earthy feeling. Textures - like reclaimed wood, copper, fringe, fuzzy pillows, wool or quilted blankets and faux fur - can also amplify your fall theme and up the coziness factor.

2. Paint your pumpkins

Forget about messy carving and give your pumpkins a chic finish. Keep it simple by painting them all one color, or mix it up with different DIY patterns and paint finishes.

3. Make a pumpkin vase

Fall decor

Get your hands a little dirty by carving a whole in the top of a larger pumpkin and digging out the insides. Line the pumpkin with aluminum foil or a plastic bag, then fill with water and fresh flowers.

4. Create an inventive candle display

Mini pumpkins make perfect holders for tea lights or small candles. All you have to do is carve out a hole for them to sit snugly inside.

5. Have more fun with pumpkins

When you can't get enough of pumpkins, get even more crafty by making fake ones out of yarn or flowers.

6. Make a fall wreath

This easy DIY creation adds color and texture to your front door or anywhere throughout the house. House Beautiful has plenty of inspiration for you with these fall wreath ideas.

7. Turn your mantle into a rustic haven

As the chilly air settles in, it's almost time to use your fireplace again. Add to the warmth with rustic mantle decor, complete with things like twine, burlap, leaves, garland, candles - and of course some of those pumpkins.

8. Center your fall dinners

Warm up the table with a gorgeous centerpiece. Martha Stewart.com has some fabulous fall centerpiece ideas to get your autumn-inspired creative juices flowing.

9. Bring out the mason jars

 Fall decorThese glass containers add a rustic edge to any room, and they're the perfect canvas for adding your own decorative spin. Paint the jars, fill them with candles or tiny string lights, wrap them in burlap and ribbon or use them as glasses for sipping on some seasonal cocktails.

10. Warm your bowls

Steal this genius idea from Country Living and create bowl warmers that keep your soup steaming without burning your hands. Find an old sweater, and pull the sleeve over the bowl until the cuff lines up with the top rim of the bowl. Trim the sweater around the bottom edge of the bowl then use hot-glue to secure the warmer.

Along with decorating for fall, make sure your home is prepared for the cooler temps and the upcoming winter with this fall maintenance checklist.


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