How to Install Thermostat

Woman turning on thermostat

Whether your thermostat is outdated, no longer working properly or broken altogether, installing a new one is a must for your home's HVAC system. The following is a helpful guide that walks you through how to install a new thermostat at home.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

Wondering what is the best way to clean stainless steel appliances to make them sparkle? Some simple household ingredients can leave your stainless steel looking beautiful again.

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Water Heater Replacement and Installation Cost Guide

Water heater replacement cost and water heater installation cost can bring a frown to most homeowners faces. But what you pay depends on the type of water heater. Tankless systems and solar water heaters can be good options.

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Garage Door Replacement and Installation Cost Guide

The total cost to install a new garage door can vary depending on factors such as age, door style, materials or type. Find out what to typically expect and possible additional costs when replacing a garage door.

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal On Your Own

The average lifespan of a garbage disposal is between 8 and 15 years. If you think it’s time to install a new one, we have outlined the installation steps and even provided some basic plumbing knowledge.