All the Home Essentials You Need If You Love Fall

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Fall essentials

Autumn is my favorite season. Besides being a fall baby (yep, classic Libra here), the turning leaves, the chill in the air, classic sweater weather makes me happy. I know this isn't the case for everyone, especially those summer lovers out there! So when the crisp, cool Northeastern weather starts knocking, I go into full fall mode. Decorating the house with seasonal DIY crafts, going on foliage drives, making pumpkin pie and other fall-favorite dishes or simply enjoying the cooler weather ... all my faves.

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Here's some suggestions for fall home essentials that you can use to make your home reflect the season:

Make your linens more cozy

At first, fall has great weather. It's never too cool or too warm - the Goldilocks of weather. But once September gives way to October, things cools down sweater weather. (Time to break out all my favorite cardis, oversized cashmere, hoodies and more.)

Even when you're indoors, it can get chilly. So it's definitely time to break out the throw blankets on your couch, and The Spruce also recommends fitting some flannel sheets on your bed to stay warm (and delay turning on the heat all the way).

"Soften" your lighting

As days grow steadily shorter, it's tempting to counter the diminishing daylight with brighter artificial light - as much of it as possible. However, 1915 House explains that this might not be the right approach, and instead recommends lamps that give the room a softer, warmer and more comforting kind of illumination.

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Floor and table lamps fitted with bulbs that produce a warmer hue are both solid choices. (Fluorescent lighting is way too harsh.) You can also try pendant lights (hanging fixtures shaped like old lanterns) if you want a rustic feeling - which is perfect for fall.

Introduce crisp autumn scents

Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory. As pointed out by The Stark Nest, there are a lot of different ways for you to add some wonderful autumn aromas to your house on a daily basis.

Candles are perhaps the simplest way to accomplish such a scent-centric goal, and these days, they're available in countless different smells: Leaves, cider, cinnamon, apples, pumpkin and allspice are some common choices. House Beautiful also lists some very creative varieties like "tobacco and caramel" or "bourbon and vanilla soy." If you're not a candle fan, environmentally friendly cleaning products and essential oils can serve a similar purpose.

Enjoy soothing hot beverages

The fall staple,  pumpkin spice latte, is probably the one hot drink people associate with the fall season. If it’s not your thing, you might want to try a new blend of strong coffee or fall-themed herbal tea, or pivot to different autumn standbys like hot chocolate or mulled apple cider. No matter what, though, hot beverages are key to staying cozy this fall.

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