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About Southern California Gas Company and Home Emergency Insurance Solutions

SoCalGas has teamed up with Home Emergency Insurance Solutions to provide its natural gas customers with Water Heater Protection Insurance, Electrical Wiring Insurance and Gas Line Repair Insurance to help protect against home emergency repairs.

Repair Plans

Customers who purchase following plans will be billed directly on their Southern California Gas bill.
Home Emergency Insurance Solutions, California License #0F79326, with corporate offices located at 601 Merritt 7, 6th Floor, Norwalk, CT, is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, is an independent company that is not an affiliate of SoCalGas and offers this optional service plan as an authorized representative of the contract issuer, Wesco Insurance Company, 59 Maiden Lane, 43rd Floor, New York, NY 10038. Your choice of whether to purchase these services from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions will not affect your current level of natural gas service from SoCalGas. SoCalGas neither endorses nor warrants any such goods or services from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions. Repairs are performed by a licensed and insured independent contractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I responsible for? Has something changed?
As a homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your interior gas piping.
Does my homeowners insurance or local utility cover repairs to the systems around my home?
Most basic homeowners insurance policies and local utility companies or municipalities do not cover repair or replacement of the major systems in and around your home.

If you find you have similar coverage, you can contact HomeServe to receive a refund of your service agreement fee, less any claims paid.
Who is eligible for coverage?
A residential homeowner with individually metered equipment who is amcustomer of Southern California Gas Company may be eligible. Mobile homes, recreational vehicles and properties used for commercial purposes are not eligible for coverage.
After I purchase a plan, when does my coverage begin?

Your plan starts the day your order is processed, and there is an initial 30-day waiting period before you can make a service call, giving you 11 months of coverage during the first year. This prevents service calls on pre-existing conditions and helps keep the coverage affordable.

If I'm a Southern California Gas customer, will HomeServe show up on my bill?
Yes. HomeServe charges will show up on your monthly bill.
I need a repair. What should I do?

Step 1: If you should suffer a home repair emergency that is covered by your plan, call Home Emergency Insurance Solutions toll-free at 1-888-302-0138.

Step 2: A local, licensed and insured technician will be dispatched to your home to make the covered repair or replacement.

Step 3: Once covered repairs are completed, just sign the repair form and we pay the technician directly for you.

It’s that simple!

Who will come to my home to make the repair?
Homeowners who call with a covered emergency can rest assured that a local, licensed and insured technician will respond to the call and carry out the repair in a professional manner. Each service technician is hand selected and rigorously screened before acceptance. Screening includes verification of certification and an in-the-field evaluation.
Can I choose to stop receiving mailings from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions?
If you would prefer not to receive mailings, please call 1-877-444-2461. Please allow 30 days for your request to be processed. During that time, you may continue to receive mail while our records are being updated.

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