How to Find the Serial Number on an Android Tablet

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If you’re ever having problems with your tablet, support might ask you for information about your device to help verify that it belongs to you and determine how to help.

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Finding your Android tablet serial number is similar to looking for the serial number on your smartphone. This quick guide covers what you need to know.

Brands of Android Tablets

Some popular Android tablets include the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire HD, Lenovo Tab and Huawei MatePad Pro. Each series is updated every year or two with better features such as longer battery life, more hard drive space and better image quality.

Why You Should Know Your Tablet’s Serial Number

If something ever goes wrong with your device, having the serial number helps you file a warranty claim or troubleshoot issues. When you’re working with a tech support representative, they may ask for the tablet’s serial number so they can verify the type of device when they’re working on the problem with you.

How Do You Find the Serial Number on an Android Tablet?

It’s a good idea to tuck away the packaging when you first open your tablet because the serial number of an Android tablet is almost always on the box.

If you’ve thrown the box away, you can look for a label on the back of your tablet or where the battery is located that shows this information. Android devices also have serial numbers stored in the settings.

To access your serial number through settings, go to “System.” Then go to “About Tablet” and select “Model.” There is an option in this menu to bring up your serial number.

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How Do I Find the Serial Number If I Don’t Have the Tablet?

If your tablet is lost or stolen, having the serial number can help you recover it. In some cases, the tablet may be located if you have the tablet serial number.

But if you don’t have the tablet and you know the serial number, you’ll need to find it elsewhere. Check the original packaging. If you don’t have that, try to find the receipt. If you bought the item online, the receipt is probably in your email somewhere. The store you purchased it from may be able to look up the serial number based on your receipt.

How Do You Find the Model Number?

The model number should be listed in settings when you select “Model” in the “About Tablet” menu. If you’re having problems with the device, tech support may ask you for the model number so they know how best to help you.

Is a Serial Number the Same as IMEI?

Serial numbers help the manufacturers track their products, while an IMEI number can locate your device and lock it from a distance. When you first set up your device, write this number down and put it in a safe location in case you need it in the future.