4 ways you can fix a Leaking Pipe

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How to Fix Leaking Pipe

As you prepare to start your weekly cleaning routine, you reach under the sink to grab your arsenal of supplies. To your horror, you find your supplies sitting in a puddle of water. Not only will this mishap slow down your day's work; it also means you’ll have to tackle an emergency pipe leak repair. Luckily, a water leak repair isn't as difficult as you might think. These solutions for water leaks will keep your floors and cabinets dry until you can get a professional to come help.


Drain the water line for repair

How to Fix Pipe

Begin your repair by draining the water line. First things first, go to your home's main water supply and shut it off (it’s usually located near the water meter or an irrigation box close to the edge of your property.) Turn counterclockwise to shut off the water supply. Next, flush every toilet and turn on all faucets to allow them to drain. It's safe to proceed when there's a four to five second interval between drips. Flush the toilets once more to empty the bowls.

How to fix a Leaky Pipe with Fiberglass Tape

One way to fix a leak is with special fiberglass tape. This type of tape is flexible and easy to use. Clean the area around the leak at the joint or pipe, ensuring that it's fully dry before you begin working. The tape is made to harden upon proper exposure to moisture, so follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Apply the tape around the leaking pipe. Turn on the water to check for leaks.

Epoxy Putty Pipe leak repair

How to Fix Leaking Sink

Once again, you'll need to drain the water line before you start your pipe leak repair. Clean and dry the area around the water leak before applying the plumber's epoxy putty. This step ensures that the putty sticks properly to the pipe. Knead enough putty to completely cover the damaged area of the leaking pipe, making sure it's pliable enough to work with easily. Cure and apply the putty according to instructions. Turn on the water again to see if the sink is leaking.

How to fix a Larger Water Leak

A patch-and-clamp combo will do the trick for bigger water leak repairs. As with the other leaking pipe fixes, shut off your water line first. Use metal files to smooth any sharp points or edges to prevent punctures in the patch. Apply a neoprene or rubber-potable water-grade pipe patch and pipe repair clamp evenly over the area in need of water leak repair. Tighten the clamp, and turn on the water line to be sure you've sealed off your water leak. Now that you know how to temporarily fix a leaky pipe, there's no need to panic when you come across a leaking sink or other fixture.

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