Is an Air Filter Subscription Service Worth the Cost?

by Team HomeServe
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Replacing air filters is an essential homeowner task that’s easy to forget. When air filters are clogged and dirty, HVAC systems perform less efficiently, and your indoor air quality may suffer.

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An air filter subscription service can help streamline the replacement process by having auto deliveries set to arrive at your house at certain intervals. But are air filter subscription services really worth the cost?

What’s an Air Filter Subscription Service?

An air filter subscription is a filter delivery service designed to make replacing your filters easier by setting up auto-deliveries of the right size and type of filter. By scheduling regular deliveries set to arrive before your filter’s recommended replacement date, you can ensure you’ll have the filters you need on hand when it’s time to change them. Plus, a filter subscription service saves you the hassle of a trip to the hardware store and having to remember exactly what size filter you need when replacement time rolls around.

Air Filter Subscription: Pros and Cons


The pros of an air filter delivery service are convenience and peace of mind in knowing that your filter bases are covered without having to put a lot of thought into it every few months. Having your filters arrive just when you need them also acts as a trigger, reminding you that it's time to change them, so you don't need to try to remember when filter-changing time is a few times a year.


The only real con is that the costs of such services tend to be slightly more expensive than buying filters elsewhere, especially if you find a great deal on a multipack of HVAC filters online or at your local hardware store. For example, a subscription to FilterTime 16 X 20 filters with a MERV rating of 11 will cost you $18.98 (CAD 25.94) per filter versus a Filtrete MERV 11 2-pack from Lowe’s, which will get you two comparable filters of the same size for just a few dollars more. If you plan to change your air filter out every 2 to 3 months, this amounts to paying a few bucks extra per month to have the filters delivered through a filter subscription. If you have more than one filter in your home, the cost difference will be greater.

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Is It Worth the Cost?

Whether the cost of a filter subscription service is worth it depends on your habits and preferences. If you struggle with remembering to replace your HVAC filters regularly or have difficulty remembering the size and type of filters you need, having your air filters delivered via a subscription service is probably worth it.

Even if a subscription does cost you slightly more each month, knocking something off your to-do list can often feel worth the expense, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate and a little wiggle room in your budget. Plus, filter subscriptions aren’t likely to cost you more than a few additional dollars per month compared to what you’d pay for the filters from the store. What’s more, replacing filters regularly could save you significantly on repairs in the long run if doing so keeps your system from working overtime with old, dirty filters.

Consider a filter subscription an investment in the health and longevity of your HVAC system. It’s also a favor to Future You, who'll no longer have to trudge down a hardware aisle every few months in search of the perfect filter.

Air Filters, Delivered

If you decide to give an air filter subscription a go, have a look at several different companies before placing an order. If your home’s air filters are hard to find or custom-sized, you’ll obviously want to make sure the service you choose has your filter size available. You’ll also want to scope out the filter’s MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) ratings and decide which filtration level you want while comparing prices from one service to another. But don’t stress too much about finding the perfect service, since you can always cancel your subscription and try a different filter delivery service later on.

Filter subscriptions require a little up-front research and may cost a bit more than purchasing filters individually, but they make replacing your air filters a breeze and ensure you’ll have the right filter at the ready when you need it. Having your air filters delivered means one less thing you have to think about. And, when it comes to homeownership, pretty much anything that makes completing a task easier is worth its weight in gold.

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