Where in the Garage Should I Install an EV Charger?

by Shelley Frost
Charging a electric car in the garage of a modern house. High quality photo

Whether you just bought your first electric vehicle, or you're moving to a new home and need a charger there, choosing the right location is key.

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Having an EV charger in your garage saves you time and money, and it helps you keep your car fully charged and ready for an adventure at any time.

Where's the Best Spot to Put an EV Charger in a Garage?

Electric cars typically come with Level 1 charging equipment, which plugs into a regular outlet. Level 2 equipment is faster and handles vehicles with larger batteries. For each hour of charging, a Level 2 charger gives you about 25 miles of range, compared to 5 miles with Level 1 equipment.

However, Level 2 chargers require special installation and higher voltage. The main consideration when choosing the best location for an EV charger in a garage is where you park the vehicle. Ideally, you should place it as close to where you park the vehicle as possible. Consider where the charging point is on the vehicle and how you plan to park the vehicle in the garage. Choose a location as close as possible to the charging point when the vehicle is parked.

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What Factors Should You Take Into Consideration When Choosing a Location?

When choosing the best location for an EV charger in a garage, there are other factors to consider. Some of those considerations include:

  • Local building codes: You typically need a permit from your local building authority to install an EV charger in your garage. Review local building codes, including requirements and restrictions, when choosing your location.
  • Proximity to the electric panel: Placing the charger closer to the main electric panel can make the installation easier and reduce installation costs.
  • Charging cord length: If you have a longer charging cord, you have more flexibility in where you place the charger. Choose a location where the cable reaches comfortably.
  • Height: Building codes might vary, but the best location for an EV charger in a garage is at least 18 inches above your garage floor. Ideally, you want it about 42 to 48 inches off the floor. Choose a location in your garage that can accommodate that height.
  • Accessibility: Pick a spot for your charger that gives you easy access to it. Consider any built-in shelving, workbenches or other features that could get in the way. Leave enough clearance around the charger that you can use it easily and still reach different areas in your garage.
  • Vehicle and garage access: While you're charging your vehicle, you'll have a cable stretching from the charger to the vehicle. Map out where that cable will be during charging. Make sure it allows access to items in the garage and your vehicle. Consider potential tripping hazards if the cable will cross main walkways in the garage.
  • Electrician recommendations: Installing a Level 2 EV charger is a job for a licensed electrician. Look for a local electrician with experience installing home chargers. Ask them for recommendations on the best location if you're unsure where to put it.

Choosing the best location for an EV charger in a garage comes down to convenience and safety. Make sure you can easily connect your car to the charger without interfering with the functionality of your garage for the best results.