Signature Hardware Stainless Steel Towel Grab Bars Recalled for Fall Risk

by Matt Schmitz
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Signature Hardware is recalling hundreds of Pickens Flip Up Towel Grab Bars due to a fall risk that has resulted in more than a dozen incident reports. The recall, announced May 5, affects about 330 towel grab bars in the U.S. and five more in Canada. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the product can break if the towel bar is used to provide bodily support, which could result in a fall and injury.

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According to the CPSC, the towel grab bars have a straight bar designed for hanging towels, as well as a curved bar intended for bodily support; the towel bar can be folded vertically when not in use. The manufacturer has received 13 complaints of the towel bar and grab bar detaching or partially detaching from each other, two of which cases resulted in falls.

Imported from China by Erlanger, Ky.-based Clawfoot Supply LLC under the name Signature Hardware, affected towel grab bars bear the unit number 920115, which can be found printed on the product purchase receipt and email order confirmations. The polished or brushed stainless steel bars were sold online at, and between May 2012 through October 2020 for around $140.

Owners should stop using the grab bars immediately and contact Signature Hardware for a full refund or a free replacement bar.

According to the company’s website: “Signature Hardware is also offering to reimburse consumers up to $700 (upon submission of valid receipts for materials and/or labor) for the cost of either (a) removing the recalled product and repairing the wall, or (b) removing the recalled product, installing the replacement, and repairing the wall.”

Contact Signature Hardware by phone at 888-520-0167 or by email at To initiate a recall remedy, go to the company’s product recall page. For more consumer product safety information, go to

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