Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes

by Tracey Rosenblath
A stainless steel Samsung Smart refrigerator with a large digital display panel in a modern kitchen with brown wood floors and blue cabinets.

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to be telling you what’s wrong with it, but you can’t understand its language.

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Those are flashing letters and numbers are error codes. And, generally, they’re not meant for you to understand. But if you can learn to decipher what’s wrong with your refrigerator, you may be able to fix it on your own.

What Is an Error Code?

Error codes generally help you determine what's wrong with an appliance with a digital display. Samsung refrigerator error codes contain numbers and letters that help you determine why your appliance is malfunctioning.

Common Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes and What They Mean

Some Samsung refrigerator error codes are specific to certain models, while others apply to all models with a digital display. The following list of common Samsung fridge error codes can help you troubleshoot your fridge the next time it malfunctions.

  • AP: This error code displays when you're setting up Wi-Fi features, such as SmartThings. Once you connect the appliance to your router, the error should go away.
  • 21E: Error code 21E typically appears if the refrigerator fan freezes. This can happen if the fridge door is left open for a prolonged period of time, a gap prevents the doors from sealing properly or the fan motor dies. To fix this issue, try defrosting your fridge, and make sure it isn't overfilled to the point where it prevents the gaskets from sealing or the door from closing properly.
  • 22E/22C: You'll see this error code when the fridge fan isn't working correctly due to the door being left open for an extended period of time. To correct this issue, unplug your fridge and leave the doors open. After a couple of hours, plug the fridge in and close the doors.
  • 41/42: These Samsung refrigerator error codes are specific to Family Hub models. Your fridge's interior blue lights will likely start flashing as well. Try rebooting the Family Hub using the power switch at the top of the door on the right-hand side.
  • 41C: This error code is specific to 3-door French door Family Hub refrigerators and indicates that the software is outdated. Update the software and press OK.
  • 76C: You'll see this error if any water is detected in the autofill compartment. You can usually fix this problem by draining the water out of the compartment by removing the cap directly below it and removing any excess water.
  • 85C: Specific to Family Hub models, this Samsung refrigerator error code means low voltage was detected at the power source. This typically happens when a power surge occurs and can be corrected by pressing and holding OK for 3 seconds.
  • 88 88/83E/85E/86E: These error codes indicate a power issue with your refrigerator. Try unplugging your fridge for 60 seconds and plugging it back in again.
  • IE/5E/SE: These codes mean your fridge can't dispense water correctly and typically appear after a power outage. If you press the Energy Saver and Lightning buttons simultaneously and hold them for about 15 seconds, the error code should disappear.
  • PC ER/PC CH: You'll see this error code when the components in your fridge stop communicating correctly after a power surge or if the doors aren't connected properly. To fix this issue, unplug your refrigerator, locate the wireless harness above the door and disconnect and reconnect it before plugging the fridge back in. If that doesn't work, ensure the doors are installed correctly.
  • OF OF/OFF: This code appears when your refrigerator is in cooling off mode, also known as Demo or Shop mode. The steps to fix this issue are specific to the particular model of your fridge, so you should refer to the user manual that came with your refrigerator. However, the issue is most commonly fixed using the control panels on the exterior left side of your fridge.
    • For older models: Press and hold the buttons at the top left of the control panel for 5 to 8 seconds until you hear a chime. Repeat until the error code clears.
    • For newer models: Follow the same steps as for an older model, but you'll also need to press the button at the top of the right side of the panel at the same time. Hold until you hear a chime, and repeat if necessary.
  • All Icons Flashing: Flashing icons indicate that your fridge is in self-diagnostic mode. The error code will disappear after the process completes.
  • Ice Off Blinking: This Samsung refrigerator error code indicates a missing or incorrectly installed ice bucket. To clear this error code, put the ice bucket back in your fridge or reinstall it if necessary.
  • SE/8E/14E/33E/39E/39C/40E/40C/84C: These error codes indicate an issue with the defrost sensor, ice maker, ice pipe heater, ice fan or compressor lock. If you see any of these error codes, call a repair technician.

Do I Need to Call a Repair Tech, or Can I Fix These Errors on My Own?

You can fix most of the error codes mentioned above on your own by unplugging your refrigerator, pressing a couple of buttons or cleaning the components. However, if the error codes persist, call a repair technician to service your fridge.