The Long Cycle: Washing Machine Still Going Strong After Nearly 3 Decades

by Team HomeServe
A woman stands next to an old clothes washer in a brick walled laundry room

LG image

Appliances are among the most expensive purchases for the home — and clothes washers are certainly no exception. A new washing machine costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1,500 (CAD 1,910). Most consumers can expect to get around 10 years of use from their washing machines, according to Bob Vila.

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However, there’s an exception to every rule. Some washers seem to keep going and going long past the average service life.

The Search for the Oldest Washer

A recent contest by LG asked consumers to submit their entries for Peru’s oldest washer, no matter the brand. When the dust settled and all entrants for the oldest washer were examined for authenticity (including more than 1,000 LG machines), a clear winner surfaced: a Goldstar washer manufactured in 1993.

The owner of this long-lived washing machine was Carmen Mayhua from Lima. Mayhua’s machine had been in use for 28 years and was still going strong. The customer said she also purchased a Goldstar TV around the same time and that it, too, was still in working order.

LG presented the winner with an upgraded replacement: a brand-new top-loading washer featuring the brand’s TurboWash3D technology.

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Help Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Consumer Reports says you can help your washer last longer by following the manufacturer’s suggestions for operating the washer and avoiding overloading. Here are some additional tips for helping your washer stay in shape for as long as possible:

  • Make sure the washer is level during operation and after moving it.
  • Keep the unit clean.
  • Descale as needed.
  • Call for repairs right away if a problem crops up.

How much laundry you do also factors into how long your washer lasts. Obviously, fewer loads translates to less wear and tear on your machine, so it naturally lasts longer than a machine used for doing multiple loads each day.