LG Energy Solution Michigan Recalls Energy Storage Batteries Due to Reports of Smoke and Fire

by Lauren Leazenby
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LG Energy Solution Michigan has recalled about 10,000 home energy storage batteries due to a fire risk. The batteries can overheat, causing them to emit harmful smoke or catch on fire. If you use these recalled batteries as part of your residential solar energy system, here’s what you need to know.

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According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been five reported incidents of the batteries smoking and catching on fire, resulting in property damage and, in one case, an unspecified injury.

The Aug. 4 recall announcement says these batteries were manufactured in Korea and sold between January 2017 and April 2019 by various solar energy storage distributors nationwide, like Sunrun, AEE Solar, CED and others, listed here.

This recall affects the LG Chem Model RESU 10H lithium-ion batteries. They were likely installed as part of your home energy solar panel system, allowing you to store energy from your solar panels. The wall-mounted units have a serial number starting with R15563P3, which can be found behind the access door.

In addition, about 1,800 LG Chem Model RESU 10H (Type-R) home batteries were also recalled for a fire hazard in December 2020. Read that recall announcement here.

If these recalled batteries are installed in your home, LG Energy Solution Michigan says you are eligible for a free replacement. Contact the Holland, Mich.-based company to schedule service. If your batteries are connected online, LG Energy Solution Michigan will arrange for modifications to reduce the risk of overheating until they can be replaced.

The company is attempting to contact known owners directly. You can reach out to LG Energy Solution Michigan by calling 888-737-8104 or emailing RESUservice@lgensol.com. You can also visit the company’s website; just click on the “Battery Recall: Free Replacement Campaign” pop-up to find out more.

For more consumer product safety information, go to cpsc.gov.

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