Should You Buy or Rent a Power Washer? Here's a Price Breakdown

by Team HomeServe
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Working with power washers is a convenient way to remove grime and debris on many different types of surfaces. But if you only need to use the machine for an afternoon, is it worth it to buy one only to let it collect dust in the garage? Perhaps renting one could be more cost-effective — but what if you need to use it quite often?

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Whether you should buy or rent a power washer depends on several factors, including what you plan to clean with it and whether you expect to use it often enough to justify buying a machine. It’s worth comparing costs to find the choice that works best for you.

Should I Buy or Rent a Power Washer?

Figuring out whether to buy or rent something can be tricky. Should you look at the monthly rental fee, or should you look at the bigger picture? Renting a power washer can be even more complicated because you're looking at the costs of ownership versus renting over and over as you need the machine. Buying a power washer could cost you less money in the long run if you need it regularly, but if your power washer has a short life expectancy, renting may cost less because you won't be responsible for replacing the equipment when it breaks.

Is It Worth It to Own a Power Washer?

There are quite a few high-end models on the market that will cost you considerably more than their rental counterparts. This has led a lot of people to wonder if it's worth spending that extra cash on a cheaper power washer that might not hold up for a long time.

You may be intimidated by the idea of paying for a high-end appliance. But there are advantages to buying a low-priced refurbished unit instead of an expensive new one. Refurbished models are usually more reliable than new ones, and many have been improved and upgraded specifically for the homeowner market.

If you're looking to buy a new power washer, the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do I need this?
  • What does it cost?
  • How long will it last?
  • Can I pick up a cheaper refurbished model?

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How Much Is It to Rent a Pressure Washer?

Thinking about a power washer rental? The exact cost depends on the type of pressure washer you want to use. It costs between $75 and $180 (CAD 100 and CAD 245) per day to rent a power washer, according to HomeGuide. If you use a power washer three or fewer times per year, you’re better off renting it.

How Much Does a Power Washer Cost?

The cost varies based on the model, manufacturer and type, but the general price of a basic electric pressure washer ranges from about $55 to $320 (CAD 75 to CAD 435). However, a powerful, commercial-grade electric model could set you back as much as $4,400 (CAD 6,000). Gas-powered power washers typically cost between $300 and $430 (CAD 410 and CAD 585), although the most powerful units can cost up to $1,000 (CAD 1,365) or more.

Power washers are among the most versatile pieces of equipment you can use. They can perform a variety of power-cleaning tasks, making them an invaluable tool in every home. However, there are many variables that you need to take into consideration when making the decision to buy or rent a power washer. When it comes to deciding which washer will best meet your needs, it pays to look at features such as price, battery capacity and cord length.

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