How Much Does an Attic Ladder Cost?

by Team HomeServe
image of an attic pull down ladder being lowered from the ceiling

You may need access to the space in the attic to store stuff, create more living space or add more insulation. But you might find yourself in a new home without an obvious entry into the attic. This lack of an attic opening can happen for a couple of reasons, such as a remodeling job that covered up the opening when previous owners decided not to use that space. Other times, there might be an opening that's too small to fit through.

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In all cases, when you open up the attic without a stairway going up to it, you'll want to consider installing an attic ladder. Before starting a project to open up the attic, learn about the expected costs of installing an attic ladder.

How Much Does a New Attic Ladder Cost?

According to product listings from The Home Depot, you might pay anywhere from $200 to $1,700 (CAD 250 to CAD 2,150) for an attic ladder. Price variation comes in based on size and material.

How Does the Price Vary by Material?

There are three main materials used to build attic ladders. Each material type has a different price structure.

  • Aluminum: The most popular material for attic ladders, aluminum is favored due to its lightweight build and rust-, rot- and fire-resistant abilities. The price for aluminum ladders typically ranges from around $250 to $500 (CAD 315 to CAD 630).
  • Wood: Traditionally used in older homes, wood works better in drier climates where moisture and temperature fluctuations won't affect it as much. The price of wood ladders can run between $80 and $900 (CAD 100 and CAD 1,130).
  • Steel: Stronger than aluminum or wood, this material is preferred for attic ladders that are in high use. It's also moisture- and fire-resistant. Steel attic ladders typically cost between $650 and $1,600 (CAD 815 and CAD 2,010).

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How Much Does Installation Cost?

According to ProMatcher, the average cost to have an attic ladder installed is about $615 (CAD 775). The price range is between about $560 and $660 (CAD 700 and CAD 830), and the price includes a standard wood ladder of an average height. So, if you’re having a steel or aluminum ladder installed, you should plan to pay more.

Ladder Topic says hiring a professional to do the work can cost $55 to $60 (CAD 70 to CAD 75) per hour. You can also purchase ladder kits that come with all the parts you'll need to install an attic ladder. The cost of these kits ranges from $70 to $650 (CAD 90 to CAD 815), depending on the type of material used.

What Other Costs are Involved?

A number of factors affect the cost of installing an attic ladder, including:

  • Geographic Location. Labor costs vary widely across the U.S. You can expect to pay higher labor costs in larger metropolitan areas than in rural areas.
  • Remodeling. In some cases, the ceiling joist doesn't allow enough room to squeeze through while getting up into the attic. The opening needs to be enlarged to accommodate movement into and out of the attic.
  • Time. A basic installation without any structural or remodeling work is cheaper. The quicker the installation takes place, the lower the price. Conversely, the more prep that needs to be done, the higher the overall cost.
  • Accessories. You typically have the option of adding accessories like an attic door or a footpad. These additions also raise the cost of labor and materials.