How Much Do GE Smart Water Filtration Systems Cost?

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GE Smart Water Filtration System Cost at a Glance

  • GE smart water filtration system: $229
  • ConnectPlus module: $50
  • Replacement filter cartridges: $16-$50

You don't need to resort to the expensive habit of drinking only bottled water to avoid water-borne contaminants. Whole-house water filters clean the water supplying your faucets, and many manufacturers are updating their filtration systems with smart technology to make them more convenient.

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GE is one of the best-known appliance manufacturers making smart whole-house water filtration systems. Learn how much a GE whole-house smart water filter costs and how it might benefit your home.

How Much Does a GE Smart Water Filtration System Cost?

GE smart whole-house water filters cost $229 from the GE Appliances Parts & Accessories online store. However, this price doesn't include the removable filters, which you'll need to purchase separately.

Most people won't need to pay to have their GE smart water filter professionally installed. The fittings click into your existing pipework without any soldering or special tools — as long as you have 3/4-inch pipes — making it straightforward enough for DIYers. However, you may need to purchase extra fittings to install your system if your pipes have a 1-inch diameter.

What Features Do GE Smart Water Filters Include?

GE smart water filters have integrated internet connectivity, letting you link them to your smartphone via the SmartHQ app. Once your appliance is connected, you can monitor your household's water usage and receive warnings if the system detects a leak or a faucet left running. You can also shut your water off from your phone when you're away from home. Therefore, installing a GE smart water filter can help you reduce your water consumption and avoid floods and water damage.

GE smart water filters use replaceable cartridges that remove sediment and other contaminants from your water. Which contaminants your system removes depends on which cartridge model you choose. The system filters the water to your whole house, letting you access filtered water from any faucet and supply it to your plumbed appliances.

You can turn certain regular GE whole-house water filtration systems into smart water filters by adding a Wi-Fi ConnectPlus module, which is sold separately. ConnectPlus modules cost $50.

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How Much Do Replacement Filters Cost?

GE sells three different replacement cartridge types compatible with its smart whole-house water filtration systems. You should replace the cartridges every three months.

The most basic filter costs $16 and removes sediment, sand and rust with a 30-micron nominal particulate reduction.

GE's advanced whole-house replacement filter is a mid-range option and costs $26. It performs the same function as the more basic model, but it also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine. It also offers a lower nominal particulate reduction of 5 microns.

The most expensive GE replacement cartridge is the premium model, which costs $50. This cartridge can remove lead from water and offers the lowest available nominal particulate reduction of 0.5 microns.