How Much Does an Electric Outdoor Grill Cost?

by Team HomeServe
Tasty chicken steaks on the contact electric grill

Everyone loves an outdoor barbecue, but the cost and effort of cooking on a charcoal grill can be off-putting.

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Electric outdoor grills are an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to regular barbecues.

What's an Electric Grill?

An electric grill is an alternative to a regular gas or charcoal barbecue. An electrical element underneath the grilling area heats the cooking surface without the need for another kind of fuel. Most electric outdoor grills have a slightly angled surface and ridges that encourage fat and juices to escape into a collection tray. The ridges also help achieve the chargrilled appearance you'd expect from a normal barbecue.

How Much Do Electric Grills Cost?

According to Food and Wine, you can purchase an outdoor electric grill for as little as $100 (CAD 133), but the most expensive models can cost up to $1,480 (CAD 1,964) or more. An electric grill is generally cheaper than a propane or charcoal model of similar quality, and you'll have a wider choice of budget options if you opt for an electric grill.

When it comes to running costs, electric grills are among the cheapest outdoor options. However, the exact running costs depend on how much electricity costs in your area. If you're lucky enough to have solar panels installed, you could run your electric grill all summer for no cost at all.

What Features Should You Look for in an Electric Grill?

Which electric grill is right for your home depends on several factors, including how much space you have available and your budget. Here are a few things you should consider and look out for when choosing an electric outdoor grill:


Consider how much space you have available and how much food you're likely to be cooking on your electric outdoor grill. People purchasing a grill to cook family meals with limited space may find a small electric grill perfectly adequate, but you'll need a larger model for hosting big outdoor events.

Don't forget to check the cooking surface area to make sure it's big enough to prepare the type of foods you want to grill. Measure the area where you intend to place your grill, and check that there's a nearby electrical outlet to plug your grill in.

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Installation Method

Many electric outdoor grills don't require any installation. Portable electric grills come on wheels or a fold-up stand, letting you set them up anywhere with an electric outlet and store them away when you're done. However, some models require you to set up a semi-permanent installation with bricks or another structure, and you'll need to include the cost of erecting a structure in your budget.


You get what you pay for to a certain extent when you're buying an electric grill, so it's worth avoiding unknown brands offering bargain-basement prices. However, there are plenty of well-known companies selling high-quality electric grills for around the $320 (CAD 425) mark, so you don't need to break the bank to get a decent model.

Temperature Settings

It can be handy to know the exact grill surface temperature to help you gauge how long to cook your food. Electric grills don't usually provide the blazing-hot temperatures that you can achieve with a gas or charcoal grill, so it's worth finding out your grill's hottest temperature setting. If you're willing to pay a bit more, you can purchase a grill with an internal thermostat for added precision.

Nonstick Surfaces

Nonstick cooking surfaces are significantly easier to clean once you're done cooking your meal. It's also worth looking for an electric outdoor grill with removable cooking surfaces that you can put straight into the dishwasher.

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