How Much Does Boiler Repair Cost?

by Team HomeServe
A modern residential boiler system in a historic East coast home

Heating a home isn’t something many people give much thought to. They may simply turn on the heat when needed and turn it off when it gets warm out — that is, of course, unless there's a problem with the heating system. In those situations, it can go from an afterthought to the only thought.

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If you heat your home with a boiler, the next questions on your mind likely have to do with repairs. How much could boiler repairs cost? Should you replace instead? Here’s what you need to know.

Is It Worth Repairing a Boiler?

You'll need to consider a number of factors before making a decision. Those factors can include price, age of the system, the nature of the repair and even whether you should switch to a different kind of heating system.

These factors and your personal preferences can help you decide whether to repair or replace a boiler. It can also be a good idea to consult a professional who can provide you with information about costs and the nature of any boiler damage to help you make a decision.

What Are Some Common Boiler Repairs?

Regular maintenance of your boiler can go a long way toward preventing issues, but accidents do happen, and parts can wear out over time, so even the best-maintained systems can still experience problems. Depending on what’s gone wrong, you might find that you need to replace your boiler. Thankfully, in many cases, you can hire a trained professional to fix your boiler instead of paying for a full replacement.

Some of the most common issues with boilers that might be cause for repair include:

  • Leaks
  • Kettling, which is loud rumbling or banging within the unit
  • Pilot light issues, including the pilot light being off or trouble relighting it
  • Burnt out element or circulator pump that causes the boiler not to heat
  • Sediment buildup

If you find that you’re experiencing any of these problems with your boiler, a local boiler repair service can diagnose the problem. Once it’s been established that there are no major problems requiring replacement, repairs can begin.

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How Much Does Boiler Repair Cost?

The cost of boiler repair varies based on factors, including the parts required, the labor time required, the type of boiler currently in your home and your location.

However, according to HomeGuide, the average cost of boiler repairs can run from $150 to $700 (CAD 199 to CAD 929), depending on what work is necessary. For example, replacing a zone valve costs between $100 and $500 (CAD 131 and CAD 658). Another common repair, replacing the thermostat, costs $140 to $350 (CAD 184 to CAD 460) on average. Replacing the circulating pump can be an expensive repair, costing up to $1,100 (CAD 1,448).

Repairs are cheaper than a full replacement in most cases, with a full replacement costing $3,200 to $9,000 (CAD 4,200 to CAD 11,850). Gas boilers tend to be cheaper to repair and service than electric and oil models.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.