How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Bathtub Drain?

by Team HomeServe
Replace Bathtub Drain Flange with Wrench and Specialty Tool

No one thinks about their bathtub drain. In fact, unless it’s clogged, you probably never do. But things happen. And sometimes your bathtub drain needs a little more care than a simple unclogging.

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If that’s the case, you’re probably left with two questions: Can you even replace the drain in a bathtub, and how much will that cost? We’ve got your answers.

Can You Replace the Drain in a Bathtub?

The good news is that, thankfully, a bathtub drain can be replaced. The process can be done either by a professional or as a do-it-yourself project. Usually, it’s a relatively straightforward process. Some drains can be easily replaced within a few minutes. Be aware, though, that others will require extensive plumbing work beyond that of a simple drain replacement. How involved the process is will likely be determined by the type of bathtub you have and the reasons you want or need to replace the drain.

Why Replace a Bathtub Drain?

There are many reasons people will need to replace the bathtub drain. It could be that you’ve tried every method you can think of to clear a clog, and you’re still having issues. It might be that you’ve got a cast iron tub, and a drain that doesn’t work could lead to rust issues. Perhaps you have a fiberglass tub, and the drain is causing residue buildup. Any of these reasons — or a whole host of others — could lead you to want to replace your drain. Replacing your drain is also a step to take before going through the work required to replace the whole bathtub.

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What’s the Average Cost to Replace a Bathtub Drain?

Typically, the cost for the bathtub drain itself is somewhere around $85 to $105 (CAD 110 to CAD 140), according to data from Porch. However, you might be able to do it for less. The price of parts and labor associated with the cost of replacing a bathtub drain vary based on a few factors. The two biggest will be the kind of bathtub you have and the type of work it needs. Freestanding tubs, for example, will require a completely different drain-replacement technique than a walk-in unit. Plus, if you’re just replacing the main drain interface of the tub, it will be much cheaper than if you need to hire a plumber to replace the bathtub P-trap.

If you go the DIY route, labor costs are zero, putting the total around $100 (CAD 135) because you’re just paying for parts. Meanwhile, the cost to hire a professional to change out your bathtub drain will come in somewhere around $310 to $380 (CAD 415 to CAD 505) in total. Keep in mind this price is just for the drain replacement, and it doesn’t include other bathtub drainpipe costs. The more the job extends into the plumbing beyond the drain area, the more it will cost.

All CAD conversions are based on the exchange rate on the date of publication.