8 Shower Storage Solutions

by Mark Soto
Blue bottle bath fluid in a clean and comfortable bathroom

Having an organized shower is crucial to making your showering experience smooth and relaxing. There are many types of shower organizers, and choosing the right one depends on different factors. Apart from functionality, shower organization also affects the aesthetic of your bathroom and impacts how much space you have.

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Since you spend a considerable amount of time each day in the shower, you want to design the area in the most effective way to save time and space. If you think shelving is the only way to get organized, you’d be wrong. There are other effective shower storage solutions that might be more convenient for you.

Can You Store Things in a Shower Without Shelving?

Shelving is often one of the most common solutions for organizing a shower. However, there are many other types of shower organization techniques that don’t require shelving. While shelving certainly has its benefits, it also takes up valuable space unless it’s already built-in. Other options can also make organizing more simple.

Organizers, Hooks, Caddies and More

Here are eight different shower storage solutions for your bathroom. Each one is suitable for different showers and organization goals, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

1. Built-In Shower Shelves

There are many showers out there that already have pre-existing, built-in wall shelves. These are typically large enough to hold your shampoos and soaps. In terms of space, they’re one of the most efficient solutions. Organization-wise, though, they aren’t the best, and if you have several items, it can quickly get messy or chaotic if something falls. If you’re remodeling your bathroom and getting a new shower, it’s worth considering built-in shelves if space is a big priority.

2. Corner Shelves

Corner shelves can be a great addition to a shower because you can easily store items while bringing some style to the shower. They are easy to install and can hold shower products like face wash, face scrub, razors, shaving cream and more. They don’t take up too much space, either. There are many designs for corner shelves and sizes, too. You can choose among glass, granite, ceramic and more. There are even shower caddy-style options.

3. Shower Caddies

After shelves, shower caddies are probably the second most commonly used shower organizers. Shower caddies are convenient if you live in a place where you share a shower with other people.

Michelle Hansen, a professional organizer who runs Practical Perfection, says caddies make it easy to corral all of your own items, and they don't get mixed up with other people’s stuff. It also helps to designate a spot for all of your items so that it stays looking nice and organized.

There are many types of shower caddies, so it’s easy to find one that matches the style and size of your shower.

4. Shower Hooks

If you're looking for ways to organize things like shower sponges or a squeegee, you can use something as simple as shower hooks. Shower hooks are a great addition to bathrooms and showers, offering a convenient way to place things to hang off the walls. By having a place for each individual item, you can keep things clutter-free.

Another way you can use shower hooks is by hooking up a laundry basket on them. Then instead of adding one item, you can fit a whole bunch of things in the laundry basket. It’s not nearly as elegant as other storage methods, but it’s certainly efficient.

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5. Floating Shower Bench

Floating shower benches are growing in popularity because they add more than just storage. Convenience is another significant factor. You can place items on the bench or below the bench, knowing you won’t accidentally knock them over.

Apart from that, benches also make other things you do in the shower more manageable, like shaving your legs. It also makes for a great experience if you just want to sit and relax while the water falls on you. There are many designs available, and you can use different materials like marble, granite or quartz to match the bathroom design.

6. Soap and Shampoo Dispensers

Showers can quickly get cluttered up with shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles. Hansen suggests you can easily get rid of that clutter and have a perfectly organized shower by using a dispenser. Plus, using a dispenser cuts down on product waste — especially when you have kids. With a dispenser, only a certain amount of each product gets released each push.

However, you should choose carefully when buying a shampoo dispenser. Some of them might have little durability and can fall off the wall after a while, causing a mess.

7. Shower Baskets

A shower basket is another simple way of organizing the shower without taking up too much space. Shower baskets can be added to the corners or right by the shower walls. You have a wide range of choices when it comes to sizes as well. Some shower baskets will come with suction cups to attach them to tiles, but others require drilling. To eliminate this need, you can use a popular solution like Sugru Moldable Glue to hold it up instead.

8. Hanging Mesh Organizer

A hanging mesh organizer connects to your shower curtain tension rod. Depending on the one you buy, it will have several pockets where you can place things like shampoo, body wash, razors and bath sponges. Since they just kind of hang from the rod, they don’t take up any additional space like other shower organizers. They’re also pretty easy to set up, so they don’t require a tricky installation.

What’s the Best Shower Organizer?

Among all the types of shower organizers, which one is the best one? Well, there’s no exact answer to that. As mentioned, each shower organizer has its pros and cons. Even better: You can use two types of shower organizers at the same time. You can have corner shelves while also using shower caddies or product dispensers.

In the end, it comes down to how you want to style your shower and the space you have available. If you just want something simple and effective and you don’t care too much about how it looks, then shower hooks or hanging mesh organizers are a perfect choice. For something more stylish, you can equip the shower with corner shelves, shower caddies or built-in shelves.