Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Eat Healthier

by Lauren Leazenby
Kitchen gadgets you ll love


Like many of us, you might have promised yourself at the beginning of this year that you were going to commit to a healthier diet. Regardless of how that’s going in practice, you’ve probably discovered that prepping fresh produce can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of healthy eating. All that washing, peeling, coring, slicing … there’s a reason burgers and fries are considered “fast food.”

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Determined to get more fruits and veggies in your system? Here are five kitchen gadgets you need to make eating healthy a little easier. (Bonus: You can find a version of each of these products for less than $15.)

female hands holding up a red egg slicer ----------------------------------------

1. Egg Slicer

The name “egg slicer” implies this tool is only good for one thing. But as long as your egg slicer has sturdy, stainless steel wires, you can use it to slice up all kinds of stuff. Strawberries, mushrooms, cheese and other small, soft foods are all fair game.

Price: $12.99

female hands holding and displaying a vegetable spiralizer -------------------------------------------

2. Handheld Spiralizer

Spiralizers turn zucchini into zoodles, or just about any vegetable into long, thin strips. Use it on carrots, cucumber, parsnips, sweet potatoes or celery root to make low-carb pasta. Spiralize potatoes to make chips or fries. You can also spiralize apples for easy apple pie.

To use one, you’ll first want to cut off the ends of your vegetable or fruit. Then attach it to the handle and twist it into the spiralizer.

Price: $14.99

female hands holding and displaying a stainless steel holder -------------------------------------------

3. Hulless Stainless Steel Holder

Don’t let this medieval-looking device scare you off; it’s a great tool to have if your knife skills don’t quite cut it. Stab the metal prongs into a fruit or vegetable, grab the handle and slice along the spikes. This will give you uniform slices of onions, tomatoes and other produce without it falling apart in your hands. You can also use it to hold large pieces of meat or fish in place while you’re cutting or preparing them.

Price: 6.99

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female hands holding and displaying a plastic juicer -------------------------------------------

4. Manual Citrus Hand Juicer

If you like fresh lemon or lime juice in your dishes, this device keeps seeds from ending up there, too. This small, plastic tool is also much easier to store than bulky juicers. To use it, roll your fruit to release the juice, cut off one end and insert the juicer. Some come with pour spouts and others have misting attachments.

Price: $6.99

female hands holding and displaying a stainless steel pineapple corer -------------------------------------------

5. Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

Covered in spikes, pineapples seem to come with a built-in defense system — one that’s all but impenetrable with a dull knife. A pineapple corer not only removes the hard center of the fruit, but also takes off the skin and slices it into neat rings. Just cut off the top of the pineapple and twist the corer in.

Price: $11.99

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