Woman with toolbox DIY 

Essential DIY Tools For the New Year 

Having essential tools on hand is key to maintaining a home and successfully taking on any DIY project. Check out our list of the must-have tools

Kitchen with a double stove, oven and refrigerator appliances 

Maintaining Your Appliances

When a major appliance breaks down, your cooking, cleaning, laundry and much more can come to a halt. Check out these 4 appliance maintenance tips - and learn how preventative maintenance now could help to ward off future appliance repairs.

Garbage disposal do’s and don’ts DIY 

Garbage Disposal Do's and Don'ts

While the task they perform is hardly a glamorous one, garbage disposals are the unsung home appliance heroes of any modern home. So long as they're maintained and used properly, they certainly do make things easier in the kitchen!

Heating Checkup DIY 

DIY Home Heating Checkup

With winter around the corner, give your home heating system a quick checkup to help make sure your home stays toasty warm when the temperature drops.