Know Your Equipment

How Much Does It Cost To Install an Air Conditioner?

Man fixing air vent

What you need to know about air conditioner installation costs, from what system would work best for your home to common labor necessities.

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Garage Storage DIY 

DIY tips for organizing your garage

Spring cleaning is an optimal time to tackle garage organization. Start now so that you can enter the summer weather being able to find things in your garage quickly and easily.

Home garage storage Top Tips and Lists 

The Ultimate Guide to Garage Storage Hacks

Here’s how you can organize your garage in no time!

Shower head streaming water Top Tips and Lists  Know Your Equipment  Plumbing 

How to Clean a Shower Head

Learn how to clean a shower head with white vinegar and a little gentle scrubbing.

HVAC unit outdoor in snow with shovel next to it leaning against house Top Tips and Lists  Know Your Equipment 

How to Heat Your Home Efficiently

Heating your home efficiently is essential during the winter months. Check out these tips to help prevent heat loss and save money on your heating bills.