Energy Efficient Green Home Electrical  Top Tips and Lists 

What Are the Types of Light Bulbs?

All light bulbs are not created equal. LED light bulbs. CFL light bulbs. Incandescent. Halogen. So many choices make it confusing. Use this guide to choose the right one for your needs.

Black Friday Shopping Top Tips and Lists 

Walmart, Best Buy & Target Black Friday Deals Worth the Money

Looking for a sneak peek at Black Friday deals? Check out what Walmart, Best Buy and Target have to offer this year.

Water sewer line repair pro Top Tips and Lists 

3 Signs of Sewer and Septic Issues

Be aware of the signs for sewer and septic issues. 

Organized Closet DIY  Top Tips and Lists 

Organize Your Closet & Make Your Life So Much Easier

8 easy ideas for organizing your closet.