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These days, there’s a national holiday every single day of the year! Who knew there was a National Doughnut Day? Or a National Taco Day (my fave), or a National Hat Day, or a National Tune Up Day?

So it’s no surprise that December 11th, 2019 marks National App Day. This year will be the third year it has been celebrated on social media. I find it’s a great opportunity to share your favorite app on social media using #NationalAppDay, and telling the world why you can’t imagine life without it.

Get a plan and peace of mind

While I’ve been clued into some great new apps each year by friends and family (like free mobile games for the kiddies), I also love sharing my own favorite with the world. Beside Candy Crush, my new favorite is the HomeServe App. This app has simplified the most tedious tasks of running a household, including how-tos for home maintenance projects and managing appliances.

Since social media caps my writer’s craving to wax poetic (Twitter and Facebook only allow me so many characters), here’s why I celebrate National App Day promoting the HomeServe App:

Putting home management on autopilot

The HomeServe App is designed to make managing your home - and the things in it - easy. By simply downloading the app on your mobile device, you can organize owner’s manuals and warranty information for all your home’s important devices.

Just snap a picture of the product ID for any appliance, device or gadget and you will receive a personal library with all the important information you need. (Letting me say goodbye to digging through a drawer or sifting through a folder stuffed with user manuals.)

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I have always hated hoarding old manuals and warranties that always seem to disappear when I need them the most. With everything I need accessible from my phone, I was able to organize and hold on to the important appliance information in the easy-to-navigate app.

Helpful reminders

If you’re anything like me, you’re bound to forget about important reminders regarding your essential appliances. Life gets hectic fast, but the HomeServe App will send real-time product recall alerts from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. You can still prioritize safety and keep your day-to-day household activities running smoothly.

Don’t worry about keeping track of home maintenance projects, the HomeServe app will send reminders for when things need basic maintenance, like changing your furnace filters. Keeping up with home maintenance helps your appliances last longer and can keep them running at peak efficiency.

Avoid DIY disaster

There are many DIY maintenance and home improvement projects that are relatively easy to accomplish. My husband (who’s the DIY king in our home) is a visual learner, so reading a highly-detailed “how to” blog post doesn’t cut it for him. The HomeServe App provides how to videos for simple home repair projects so he (under my watchful eye) can make sure the job gets done right.

HomeServe also takes their services a step further than other useful repair apps by allowing users to order the exact replacement parts they need. There’s no more guesswork about which supplies and accessories are needed, and they can be ordered with just a few taps.

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Simplify home maintenance today

The HomeServe App has made our life so much easier. I can now enjoy lounging in my living room without being plagued by questions like: Does my furnace filter need to be replaced? Or, how do I program my thermostat?

I can easily find home appliance manuals through the app and tackle any DIY maintenance (and understand when it’s time to bring in a licensed technician). No matter whether you’re a first time homeowner or a seasoned one, managing old and new appliances, devices and gadgets can be daunting.

There’s an endless amount of maintenance and repair questions that can pop up at any given time. Download the HomeServe App today to get all your home maintenance information in one place.

And don’t forget to celebrate #NationalAppDay with us by posting why you love the HomeServe app!

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