5 Amazing Apps You Need If You're a Homeowner

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As a busy, working mom, I don’t have a ton of time to deal with a lot of the hassles and paperwork associated with being a homeowner. Owner’s manuals from my new kitchen appliances pile up on my dining room table. Home insurance claim paperwork from that massive summer storm that damaged my garage – same thing. The list goes on and on. Which is why I recently realized that my iPhone® could be an ally for me in becoming more organized and productive in and around my home. 

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In doing a little online research, I quickly realized that there are some super helpful apps available that can help you get home-related tasks done. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. HomeZada

Closing the deal on your very first home can be a stressful process, full of paperwork and negotiations. And things don't get much easier after you complete the purchase. Even after the dust has settled from the closing and move, there’s still a lot to manage.

The HomeZada app - available for both iOS and Android-based devices as well as desktop and laptop computers - is a comprehensive organizational tool for all of the paperwork associated with homeownership, including contracts and home warranty plans. According to MoneyUnder30.com, it's available in both free and paid-subscription versions.

2. HomeServe App

Our very own HomeServe App serves an amazing simple purpose: it is specifically geared to help with all the owner's manuals and warranty information associated with your home's key appliances. Simply install it on your mobile device or sign in from your desktop and you’ll find how it can help you organize and then discard all those user manuals, manufacturer warranties and receipts. Add your appliance info to the HomeServe app and access appliance and system owner’s manuals and how-to videos. (It even provides a stock photo of the item for your easy reference – or you can also upload your own image.) Plus, you get notifications of real-time product recall alerts from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. And it will even remind you to order accessory and replacement parts (something my scatterbrain always needs to be reminded of.)

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3. Encircle

As anyone who's ever had to file a home-insurance claim after a major storm undoubtedly knows, an inventory of your home's contents is tedious to make - and absolutely necessary to have, as GarageCabinets.com notes. This app makes this process easier through photo and video documentation and easy-to-use organizational tools.

4. BrightNest

Home maintenance isn't always fun, but it doesn't have to be hard. BrightNest makes it that much easier to figure out how to go about it in a more organized way. Additionally, the app even offers tips on healthy eating and lowering your house's carbon footprint.

5. Mint

If you weren't sure if budgeting was really important when you were younger, you should certainly understand it is now that you’re in full blown “adulting” mode. The Mint app organizes your bank account, credit card and investment data all in one place for easier money management and planning.

Making sure you're organized on the daily and having contingencies in place for household maintenance are good ideas. Learn how home repair plans from HomeServe can help you the costs of covered repairs.

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