5 Fun Things to Do This Fall Season

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Fall drive

Hard to believe, it’s not even Labor Day yet so the pumpkin spice will soon be back in the Starbucks lattes. Back-to-school sales are in full swing. So that means the leaves will soon turn and then fall.

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 What's not to love about fall? The weather is great at the season's start - it's that perfect range of temperatures where you can basically wear anything you want, and everything outside is gorgeous. Even when it gets windier and colder, there's plenty to do indoors as well!


Let's check out fun fall activities:

1. Check out a drive-in movie

Seeing movies has changed a lot in recent years, in some ways not for the better. ($14 admissions in most major-city theaters? Yikes.) But according to Statista, there are still more than 300 drive-in cinemas in the U.S. If you're within reasonable driving distance of one, there's no better time than fall to give it a go.

Not only do you get a unique movie experience, but you'll also have great food. Most drive-ins stay in business thanks to their attached restaurants, like The Snack Bar diner at Massachusetts' Mendon Twin Drive In, run by The Phantom Gourmet. (Netflix and pizza can't top that!)

2. Take a fall foliage drive

If you live anywhere that's known for its foliage, driving through one of the more wooded, scenic areas near your home is a great way to be thrilled by natural beauty. That said, this may not be as much fun for the kids if you bring them along - unless of course you pair it with No. 3 on this list.

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3. Have a picnic

Take advantage of the perfect weather and hit up your local park for an afternoon picnic. Make it a special meal, something you wouldn't have ordinarily. It's a great "something for the kids, something for the parents" strategy when paired with a foliage-watching expedition.

4. Get crafty

Fall offers plenty of opportunities for DIY decorating, which you can turn into fun family activities. The possibilities are limitless: painting pumpkins (and carving them into jack o' lanterns when Halloween rolls around), making a fall-themed and -colored wreath for the front door, draping garland and candles around the mantelpiece, designing costumes from scratch and much more!

5. Test your culinary chops

Instead of relying on the local bakeries, coffee shops and grocery stores for fall-flavored food and drink, why not make some of your own? Maybe try Good Housekeeping's mulled cider recipe or perhaps pumpkin cookies with cream-cheese frosting. And if you're more interested in big, savory comfort food dishes, try Bon Appetit's list of their favorite recipes to make in autumn.

It's important to be prepared to have fun this fall, but don't forget to make contingencies for less favorable scenarios as well. Consider the safety net that comes with being prepared with a home warranty or home repair plan – as it can help you manage the costs of covered home repairs.

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