8 Household Items You Need from Target

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I seriously can’t imagine a life without my neighborhood Target®. It’s my go-to destination for my monthly toilet paper, laundry detergent, and household essentials. I also find myself there weekly, wasting some time before picking up my daughter from her swim lessons. (Did I really need another black tank top? Or that cute Chip and Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home throw pillow. Probably not.) Not to mention they have the cutest Halloween costumes around. Let’s face it, Target is like that favorite relative that you love to visit and showers you with fun treats. (The candy section is to die for!)

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And while I don't want to be seen as totally playing favorites (wink, wink), it's worth pointing out that Target features some solid deals on these sorts of absolutely critical home goods. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best deals on household necessities such as toilet paper, dish soap, cleaning supplies and more:

1. Laundry detergent

My goal when buying detergent is to purchase enough to last me at least 6 months to a year. So that means the current Target laundry detergent deals are perfect for me! For example, if you buy three of the 96-count containers of Tide Pods using a same-day order service, you not only have enough detergent for the next decade, but you receive a $10 gift card! Other bulk laundry products like Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin detergent and All Ultra Free Clear are inexpensive, effective and eligible for similar discounts when you use a delivery service.

2. Toilet paper

The responsibilities of toilet paper aren’t really worthy of discussing. Because, let’s face it, toilet paper has a dirty job. (Not-so-subtle shout out to the hit TV hit series and it’s host  Mike Rowe. BTW, I love his podcastThe Way I Heard It, which is being sponsored this month by HomeServe. You should check it out. (He also has a new book out based on the podcast The Way I Heard It - available at Target.)

But I digress. So back to toilet paper’s dirty job. You can stock up on this bathroom essential at Target – as they are currently offering a number of discounts on bulk toilet paper purchases, including on major name brands like Charmin Ultra Strong.

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3. Paper towels

Everyone spills things. (My kids are pros at it!) With good paper towels on deck, though, you can manage the mess in no time. (Did you also know you can clean certain surprising things with Coca-Cola?) Target's Up & Up brand almost always has more than reasonable prices for its "Huge Roll" size of paper towels, as well as solid deals on Bounty and other brand-name makers of these spill-sopping, household essentials.

4. Dishwashing detergents, soaps and so on

Whether you need to buy a footlocker's worth of pod-style detergent packs for your state-of-the-art dishwasher or need soap to supplement your sponges, brushes and good old elbow grease to wash your dishes by hand, Target's bulk quantities have you covered.

5. Environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner

Under one of its other sub-labels, Smartly, Target produces an extremely useful variety of all-purpose cleaner that may be even more helpful in your quest against messes, no matter where they may be in your household. According to Business Insider, it costs less than $2 - including tax - for a 32-ounce bottle and features an agreeably sweet citrus aroma.

6. Bedsheets

For its broad range of store-label products outside of the realm of cleaning and paper products, Target has additional brand names, among which is its well-regarded linens label Threshold. Business Insider notes that Threshold sheets are particularly popular. Combine the store's regular sales on other bedding items with a set of new tops and bottoms in an ideal color, you've got a great new bedroom set – JUST. LIKE. THAT.

7. "Dollar Spot" items

Everyone's seen this section in Target: Formally called "Bullseye's Playground," it's usually located close to the store's main entrance, with numerous signs indicating the sort of wild deals shoppers can take advantage of. Things don't literally cost $1.00, but the price tag is typically not much more, and it's a great space to find accessories, kitchen knick-knacks, highly discounted clothes, party favors and more, according to The Budget Babe.

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8. Holiday clearances

According to AllThingsTarget.com, the store's hyper-promoted holiday sales are rarely if ever restricted to promotions on holiday-related or -themed goods. More often than not, you can find yourself looking at deals of up to 90% off, ranging from paper plates and health-food popcorn to Halloween-colored nail polish.

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