Here's Why You Need a TotalHome Warranty Plan

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Let’s be honest. Homeownership is stressful. No one enjoys thinking about a worst-case scenario of things breaking and failing. But as a homeowner, your mind can go to negative places. Which is why you need to be prepared for the challenges that come with running a household. And believe me, I’ve seen it all - from a leaky dishwasher, to failed HVAC system, to a broken garbage disposal - appliance and home system issues have disrupted my daily routine more than once. (And in the past, have cost me a pretty penny.)

Get a plan and peace of mind

I used to think that these home malfunctions - and the cost of their repairs - were a normal part of having a home, until I learned about TotalHome Warranty. If you’re on the ball and prepared with a home warranty plan, you don’t have to tackle them on your own.

Here's what a TotalHome Warranty plan can do to help alleviate the stress and cost of dealing with:

Unexpected breakdowns

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may be confused as to why you would need a home warranty plan. As clarifies, basic homeowner’s insurance covers your home’s structure and belongings in case of a disaster or accident. Home warranties, on the other hand, cover repairs and replacements on home systems due to normal wear and tear or unexpected breakdowns.

A TotalHome Warranty plan can cover a wide array of appliances and home systems - from dishwashers and garbage disposals to doorbells and furnaces. With a plan in place, many home repairs are covered, so you can sit back and relax - while trusting an expert technician to complete the work.

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Vetting and hiring a repair person

Home warranties are also ideal for people who don’t want to stress about finding a reputable contractor when a problem occurs, Investopedia explains. If you run into a problem with your appliance or home system, the experts will be able to research multiple repair bids, vet and hire the best repair person for the job.

This ensures you’re receiving quality work at the best price available to fix or maintain your household.

Paying the bill on covers repairs

On average, a home warranty can cost between $200 and $600 for a year of coverage. While this ultimately depends on the plan chosen, it’s worth it for many homeowners considering that it will cover some costs. Not everyone has an emergency fund or wants to spend it on appliance repairs. A home warranty plan can pay the bill on covered repairs up to the benefit amount.

Benefits of a TotalHome Warranty Plan by HomeServe

In the last 10 years, HomeServe has helped save homeowners over half a billion dollars on expensive emergency repairs. Now that they offer TotalHome Warranty, with three unique plans available, you can find the right plan for your needs.

No one likes to think about negative issues with appliances or home systems, but with a TotalHome Warranty plan in place, you can stress less knowing that if something does go wrong, you will receive expert help. Search plans from TotalHome Warranty by HomeServe today.

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