Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe this Thanksgiving

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Ok...I’m super stressed right now. The reason? It’s my turn to host Thanksgiving this year, and I’m seriously feeling equal amounts of stress and excitement while preparing for the big day. While I consult Martha Stewart looking for inspo, I am thinking of trying my hand at creating a fall wreath for my front door. (Just call me a domestic goddess.)

However, the thought of cooking, cleaning and finding the space to house my guests has made it difficult for me to prioritize something I need to keep top of mind – holiday safety.

Get a plan and peace of mind

Whether you’re hosting celebrations at your place or traveling far away, here are some easy and useful tips for keeping your home safe this Thanksgiving.

When you're home

Test your smoke alarm

Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. While it’s always recommended to never leave your cooking unattended, accidents do happen even under the most watchful eye.

Before the holiday season, it’s a good idea to test all the smoke alarms in your home to make sure they are working so you can be assured that if something goes wrong you will be alerted.

Secure your rugs

Children love to run around and everyone may be a little tipsy on their feet after a few drinks. Securing your rug with non-slip pads or special rug tape can keep guests from slipping and corners from becoming tripping hazards.

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Corner off the kitchen

Hot food, sharp knives and glassware all make for a not-so-safe environment. The kitchen is the hub of the action, but don’t feel obliged to keep it an open space. Use baby gates or a playpen to corner off the kitchen for the safety of children and even your adult guests. (Plus it will keep your MIL away from criticizing your Thanksgiving cooking techniques.) You can even encourage family members to help decorate a festive Thanksgiving table and provide crafts for little ones in an area of the house so the kitchen stays clear.

When you’re away

Don’t post your plans

If you’re one of the more than 50 million Americans that AAA estimates travel away from home for Thanksgiving, you shouldn’t be posting on social media about it. It can be tempting to share your travel plans on social media, but broadcasting your absence can make your home an easy target for thieves.

Protect your packages

Last year, nearly 23 million Americans had a package stolen from their porch or mailbox according to Parcel Pending. And as the holiday season starts, you are most likely waiting on some very important deliveries. Consider stopping mail service during your travels - this protects your mail and keeps thieves from assuming you’re not home. Investing in an Amazon® locker or asking a neighbor to take in any major deliveries can help you avoid disappointment from a stolen package.

Be prepared

Holiday time is a time of preparation, not perspiration. HomeServe offers affordable repair plans for everything from HVAC systems to plumbing so you can be protected against the cost of covered repairs. Find out more about our combo plans that can help your home run smoothly during this busy time of the year.

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