Every Kind of Gift for The Father in Your Life

My dad is a big softie. He easily tears up at our heartfelt cards. My FIL on the other hand, is a big, gruff of a guy who struggles to accept gifts and rarely shows any reaction. One makes everything by hand - the other prefers to retrofit his world with the latest smart devices. They are both great fathers and are extremely loved by our extended family. 

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But needless to say, picking out Father’s Day gifts is a huge challenge each June. I'm starting to run out of gifts that pertain to specific interests and hobbies. Brewery tours. Check. New motorcycle helmet. Check. Surprise visit from his “favorite” child (me). Check.

If you’re struggling with unique gifts for Dad, here are some Father's Day gift ideas to inspire your shopping (and help you retain the favorite-child status):

The grooming necessities

You know he's unlikely to buy the beard oil on his own, so go ahead and get it for him. Same goes for shaving kits, skin care products and hair gels. Maybe even schedule a haircut and shave at a high-end barber shop for the ultimate Father's Day grooming experience.

The ultimate culinary upgrades

If Dad's happy place is in the kitchen or behind the grill, consider upgrading his tools this Father's Day. We're talking fancy pots and pans, grilling sets, seasoning kits and so on. Make it a really special year and help him complete the kitchen remodel he's been talking about completing since you left for college.

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DIY brew tools

When you've exhausted the brewery tours, set Dad up with all the cool tools to brew his own beer – and in the comfort of his home. Bonus points: He's bound to share the results with you. (Cheers!)

The ticket to new destinations

If your dad is one for travel, get him a brand new carry-on suitcase for his next trip. Handheld devices, headphones, backpacks, sneakers and camping gear are also great gifts for the man who's always on the move. Even better: Book a weekend getaway for him and his special someone.

The experience he'll talk about for years

Scratch the material items and take Dad out for a day to remember. It will really hit home if it's something you both did together when you were growing up, such as going to the ballgame or seeing his favorite band. You might not be able to afford a sports car, but you can take him to the track for an unforgettable driving experience. If he's one for views, consider a ride on a hot air balloon or helicopter. And, of course, a fancy dinner never fails when celebrations are in order.

The tools and trinkets he'll love

He may say he's a dad who wants nothing, but you know he'll make use of a new tool or piece of technology without much trouble. Popular Mechanics curates an awesome list of ideas, including a mini-drone, smart home camera, wireless charger, wallet-sized multi-tool, car wash kit and Bluetooth speaker.

While you're in the gift-giving spirit, consider giving yourself some peace of mind with a home warranty plan. That way, you won't need to always rely on Dad for handy help every time something goes wrong with your home. (I know, adulting is hard.)

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