Outdoor Kitchen Inspo that Will Give Your Major FOMO

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Summer is in full swing. Let the summer barbecue season commence!

As I started prepping my grill station for the season, I imagined what it would be like to have an entire outdoor kitchen. How awesome would it be to not only prep, cook and entertain outside, but also have the ease of not needing to haul everything back and forth from my inside kitchen. (First-world problems, I know.)

Get a plan and peace of mind

Whether you already have an outdoor kitchen space or are daydreaming of one, here's some inspiration for chef-worthy backyard cooking:

Heat up the outdoor pizza oven

Pizza night is about to get an upgrade. IMO, a wood-fired pizza oven is the best (and only) way to make homemade pies. To build an entire oven yourself, you can follow this step-by-step guide from HGTV. If you'd rather get straight to the pizza making, consider buying one of these top-rated outdoor pizza ovens, as compiled by Houzz.

Craft the cocktails

There's nothing like sipping on a refreshing adult beverage when the weather turns warm. For wine drinkers, an outdoor cooler is a must, while beer lovers simply need a refrigerator with enough room to stock up on their favorite bottles. If you're a cocktail drinker, consider setting up an outdoor bar to really get the party started.

Keep it shady

If your outdoor space doesn't already have a roofed covering over where the kitchen will be, you can easily create some shade by covering your outdoor kitchen with a pergola. Plus, it gives your outdoor kitchen a roomier feel, designating a dedicated area for the cooking area. Bonus points for using the pergola to mount light fixtures, fans, hanging plants and other details. If you want even more shade, consider installing a retractable awning for when you need a complete break from the sun.

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Slide open the refrigerated drawers

Don't have enough space for full-sized appliances? Not to worry. You can stack refrigerated drawers to chill the necessities for a stylish yet functional and space-saving kitchen addition.

Combine the best of both worlds

Make the indoor living area flow easily into your outdoor areas by installing an open bar style space. For example, having classic French style windows and a long counter that extends from your interior kitchen to the exterior wall will allow you to easily set up drinks and food outside without actually leaving your indoor kitchen.

Install a grilling hood

If you have a partial enclosure or roof covering, HGTV recommends installing a vent hood, so you can prevent smoke and odors from crowding the space. From a decor perspective, it will make your grilling area quite the statement piece.

Start from scratch

Handy homeowners can build a freestanding outdoor kitchen, complete with plenty of storage and counter space for cooking in comfort. This tutorial from Lowe's will walk you through the steps to create the structure in as little as one week.

Create a full outdoor entertaining space

While we're on the subject of creating luxury outdoor spaces, why not go all-out with the outdoor kitchen plans and throw in a dining area, cozy seating, some new decor, outdoor ceiling fans and a backyard fire pit to complete the transformation? (Now we're talking.)

Whether you’re talking about your indoor or outdoor appliances, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for home system and appliance repairs before they occur.

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