5 Ways to Refresh Your Home with Spring Décor

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A proven psychological trick to get me out of my winter doldrums mood is to start decluttering and redecorating my house. That’s why I’ve been binging Netflix’s Tidying Up and embracing the KonMari philosophy. I figure once my spaces are clean and tidy, I can tackle the more daunting tasks in my life.

First up is a thorough spring cleaning and a welcome return to organized closets. Once that's done, my house will be a fresh canvas ready for its springtime makeover. Here’s how you can transition to the next season with these spring home décor ideas:

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1. Change the blankets and pillows

Give your beds and couches a refresh with lighter throw blankets and bright statement pillows. These soft details are the easiest way to totally transform the feeling of a room.

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2. Go green

Bring the greenery and blooms indoors by using plants as accent pieces. Not only do they breathe fresh life into your home, but they also add texture and color. Elle Decor suggests lining the shelves of bookcases with plants, while Better Homes & Gardens dedicated an entire side table to them. Place that table next to your favorite reading chair by the window and you have yourself a wonderfully inviting springtime nook.

3. Roll out a new rug

Rugs keep you cozy during the winter, but in spring they can add a fresh burst of color or pattern to your living room, office or bedroom.

4. Make an accent wall

If you're feeling bold, create an accent wall in one (or two) of your rooms. You can keep it simple by painting the wall a different color or make a statement with patterned wallpaper. If you need some inspo, House Beautiful has it covered with these accent wall ideas.

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5. Organize … but make it décor

When spring cleaning inspires you to get organized, consider solutions that double as décor. Think floating shelves, ottomans, decorative trunks and most products from IKEA. Martha Stewart.com has more ideas for you, including ways to implement open shelving and display jewelry.

Don't forget that refreshing your home for spring also requires some seasonal maintenance. Showing your home some care and attention is one of the best ways to help try to ward off system breakdowns.

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