Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costumes With Household Stuff

by Team HomeServe DIY  
Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. Only a few weeks away. Having problems deciding on a costumer for you, the dog, your kids?  

Don't worry: There are plenty of last-minute costumes for Halloween, many of which you can put together with the clothes, craft supplies or odds and ends you already have around the house. Check out these great ideas:


Man dressed up as a Zombie with 2 Zombie girlsUse those cardboard boxes you have lying around and some aluminum foil to create robot costumes. Use paint to color the boxes and draw in the details.

Hippie chic

Round up all the 1960s and 1970s items you have and put them together to dress up as a hippie. Think bell bottoms, fringe, tie-dye, flowy dresses, headbands, flower crowns, peace signs, circle glasses and bangles.

Audrey Hepburn

All you need to mimic this icon is a classy dress, long white gloves and pearls. Style your hair in her iconic up do and you're ready to go.


Have a tutu? Wear that with a white tee and glue pom-poms to the shirt to mimic sprinkles. It's a short costume-making process for a totally sweet result.

Crazy Cat Lady

Mess up your hair, throw on some pajamas and attach a bunch of stuffed animal cats to your body. Tell everyone you're a crazy cat lady - meow.


If you have a leather jacket, jeans, black boots and a bandana, you have the makings of an easy do-it-yourself biker costume. You can also easily turn it into an iconic Grease costume, wearing a pink jacket for the Pink Ladies or replicating Danny Zuko's leather jacket look.

Error 404

PopSugar found this crazy simple yet hilarious costume idea. Simply write "Error 404 Costume Not Found" on a plain white tee. It's a bit of comedic genius with a Halloween twist.

The Spice Girls

Print out pictures of five cooking spice containers or tape the real things to your shirt. With that, you have a punny, super easy costume. Real Simple has even more costume ideas that play on puns for the utmost in creativity.

The tried-and-true costumes

Halloween WitchWhen all else fails, think classic costumes. We're talking ghosts with old sheets, witches with striped socks and black dresses or vampires with fake blood running down the mouth. They're quick and still show you’re in the Halloween spirit.

While it’s easy and fun to leave your Halloween costume prep to the last minute, it’s best to be prepared for any home repair issues that might arise.


Halloween is a great time of year to complete the necessary seasonal maintenance and winter prep to your home. And being prepared with a plan from HomeServe can help with the costs of covered repairs or replacements. See what plansare available in your area.

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