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Let’s face it: I find it extremely difficult to buy gifts for the men in my life. It literally causes me anxiety and panic. But before I go down that rabbit hole, I calm myself down knowing that “it’s the thought that matters.” (And I have the internet to help me scour for ideas.)

Here’s some inspiration - our holiday gift guide for him (and all the guys on your list):

For his style:

Arm with apple iwatchThe stylish men in your life will appreciate gifts like backpacks for their daily commute, printed socks for work and play, as well as art prints to decorate the man-caves and he-sheds. You can tailor the gift to his own characteristic look, such as rugged pieces for the outdoor-enthused and fashion-forward accessories for the one who loves the GQ looks. For the clean shaven, consider upgrading his grooming routine with a shaving gift set or subscription. If you think he's in need of some fashion help, take advantage of the holidays to gift him some wardrobe upgrades.

Beyond the sweaters, socks and ties, you can give him other items, including:

  • - Personalized cufflinks
  • - Sunglasses
  • - A watch
  • - Custom suit fitting
  • - Winter weather accessories
  • - Cologne
  • - A monogrammed belt
  • - A wallet
  • - Office décor

For his tastes:

If he's a foodie or alcohol connoisseur, feed his ego with cooking and bar accessories. You could also surprise him with a liquor he's never tried before or an engraved bottle of his favorite aperitif or wine. Other ideas include:

  • - BBQ tools
  • - A date night cooking class
  • - Cook books
  • - A travel cocktail set
  • - Whiskey stones
  • - An herb garden planter kit

Know your man:

Think about the topics he always talks about and activities he could spend every weekend doing without ever getting bored. You'll find some fabulous gift inspiration when you consider these hobbies and interests.

For instance, if he's a movie buff, consider a gourmet popcorn kit or an original movie poster. If he's serious about his car or motorcycle, he'd probably love to receive a cleaning kit, an accessory upgrade or tickets to a driving experience. For the gym rats, get your man a new gym bag filled with workout gear. Or try these gift ideas: 

  • - Books and comics
  • - Records and a record player
  • - A Nintendo Switch
  • - Vintage board games
  • - Gear from his favorite sports team
  • - Beer brewing supplies
  • - Ski goggles and other accessories
  • - A bicycle repair kit
  • - Art supplies

For his gadgets:

If he's tech savvy, treat him to one of the many digital gifts of the year, such as a phone, laptop, tablet or TV upgrade, a Bluetooth speaker or a smart watch. Welcome him to a smart home with the best smart home devices that offer advanced technology such as lights, plugs, appliances and smart hubs to connect all his devices. If you're unsure where he lands on the Amazon versus Google smart speaker debate, we also have some hot takes on which one may be better suited for his preferences.

There's always an accessory to complement a new or existing gadget he's especially hooked on, so consider treating him to tech gifts such as:

  • - A phone, laptop or tablet case
  • - Wireless headphones or earbuds
  • - Portable chargers
  • - Touchscreen gloves
  • - A Bluetooth beanie

Give him an experience:

For the man who seems to already have everything or is less-than-interested in material goods, treat him to an experience. We're talking weekend getaways, professional shaves and beard trims and live sports games. If those don't feel right, you can also consider:

  • - Concert, theater or event tickets
  • - An indoor skydiving, skiing or outdoor sport lesson
  • - A brewery tour or wine tasting
  • - A professional massage
  • - An Audible, news or podcast subscription

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