DIY Gifts for Christmas You'll Want All for Yourself

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DIY Christmas Gifts for You

Who says the best holiday gifts are found on the shelves of a store? DIY gifts for Christmas can help save you and your wallet this holiday season.

Plus, these handmade gifts are also a great way to get the kids involved in one-of-a-kind presents for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, babysitters and anyone else on your list. They'll love knowing the little ones helped.

Check out these DIY gifts for Christmas that will help you score big:

1. Ornaments made from the heart

Add a personal touch to their Christmas tree with a gift they can use every year. Country Living has more than 50 DIY ornament ideas to get your creativity flowing.

2. Holiday potpourri

Make potpourri on the stove with holiday spices like cinnamon and clove, and then package it in a vintage jar tied with ribbon. Bonus for you is that making this gift will make your home smell like Santa’s workshop.

3. Crafty goods

Paper crafts are perfect for when the kids are involved in the gift making. Gather your supplies and decorate picture frames, create scrapbooks or make coasters.

4. Homemade spa supplies

Make your own sugar scrubs, soaps, bath bombs or candles to give the luxurious gift of an at-home spa day. Add a holiday spin with ingredients like peppermint (think candy canes) and gingerbread.

5. Embroidered anything

If you can stitch, you can make a cute and trendy gift for anyone. Embroider sweet or snarky sayings, holiday quotes or monograms on anything from plain cotton squares to pillows to t-shirts.

6. For the jewels

Craft necklace trees, jewelry organizers or trinket dishes for the ones who are always accessorized to the hilt. Good Housekeeping found easy ways to make trinket dishes with craft-store clay and cookie cutters and tiered jewelry holders with vintage plates.

7. Food for the soul

If you're confident in the kitchen, share the tastes of your talents with your loved ones. Another great idea that my kids’ preschool does every year is to measure out the ingredients for sugar cookies or other baked goods and package them in mason jars with mini baking tools.

8. Spoonful of love

This fabulous idea comes from House Beautiful, and incorporates vintage spoons and sweet treats. Gather a collection of mismatched spoons and scoop up a dollop of melted chocolate. Then sprinkle on nuts, coconut flakes, peppermint or other toppings. Cover the top of the spoons in plastic wrap and secure with ribbon. Your lucky recipients can stir the spoons in cups of coffee, turning them into sweet and heavenly mochas.

9. Special cheers

Infuse vodka with flavors like citrus or cucumber and gift it in unique glass bottles. You can also fill tiny bottles or flasks and hand them out as the best party favors of the holiday season.

10. Cozy bottle of booze

When in doubt, a bottle of their favorite wine or liqueur always goes down well. Add a DIY twist by making one of these fun sweater totes to wrap around the bottle.

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