Everything You Need to Know: Black Friday 2018 & Best Appliance Deals

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When is Black Friday 2018 + Everything You Need to Know

I can hardly contain myself. My most favorite day of the year is almost here. Time to shop til I drop. Yep. Black Friday is almost here.

Considered by the majority of retailers to be the unofficial start of the shopping season, Black Friday is the most anticipated commercial holiday of the year. And if you are anything like me, you can't wait for it to happen.

There was one Black Friday when I witnessed a tug-of-war over the last discounted Bluetooth speaker available on the shelves at Target - which to be honest, was like watching the Super Bowl of shopping. However, that did make me wonder where the name "Black Friday" came from. The most popular theory is that it's the day retailers escape the red and start recording a satisfactory profit again. Business Insider reports another reason for the name: Philadelphia police officers coined the term in reference to the crazy long shifts they had to work in order to handle the shopping madness.

In any event, the name stuck and we continue to honor the day of shopping deals. Here's what you need to know about the Black Friday 2018 shopping extravaganza:


Traditionally this amazing day is the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday lands on Friday, Nov. 23rd.

However, Black Friday is now more than a one-day event. Some companies will promote early-bird deals, and stores like Target, JCPenney, Macy's and Kohl's will even be open for a period of time on Thanksgiving Day in addition to Black Friday. Other retailers have yet to announce their Black Friday hours, so check store websites and social media accounts for real-time updates.


The deals are ready for the taking at any stores that choose to open on Black Friday. Some historically never open. For instance, you can count on REI to keep the doors closed on Black Friday because the company's mission doesn't support the "rampant consumerism" of the holiday, according an interview with the CEO and Business Insider.


The emphasis on Black Friday is usually on bigger ticket items, such as electronics and appliances. Some electronics, especially smartphones, don't actually get individual discounts. Instead, retailers offer two-for-one deals or give out gift cards with purchases, according to PCMag. The publication predicted the gadgets that are likely to get a discount during Black Friday 2018, which include:

  • Smart speakers.

  • PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch bundles.

  • Televisions.

With their products high on consumers' radars, the top-dog brands to watch for Black Friday deals are Walmart, Target, Apple, Amazon and Best Buy. IGN offered Black Friday predictions for these retail giants, such as:

  • Walmart is likely to have best prices on TVs and exclusive video game console bundles

  • Target should have the best in-store shopping on Black Friday.

  • Most retailers will offer free shipping with no minimums during the holidays.


Me, you - and thousands of other people on the hunt for deals. If you don't like crowds or would prefer to avoid spending significant amounts of time standing in line, consider doing your shopping online on Cyber Monday - which this year falls on Monday, November 26th. Much like the in-store deals, online retailers also offer promotions in the days leading up to the designated digital shopping holiday. Many will even extend the promotions after the fact, so be sure to research the retailers you're interested in buying from to take advantage of all the saving opportunities.


Everyone loves a good deal! You just have to be careful that you're actually getting one. Retailers are notoriously smart with Black Friday promotions, so you'll want to make sure the deals are actually worth braving the crowds.


Keep these Black Friday shopping tips in mind to score big this year:

  • Go in with a game plan. Without a wish list, you're bound to get lost in the sea of so-called deals and spend way more money than originally intended. (Umm...yeah...guilty as charged.)

  • Do your homework before running off to the races. Research price histories and compare retailer options for the products you want to buy.

  • Set up accounts and save payment information for online shopping. Many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have limited stocks and designated discount periods, so the faster you can purchase, the better your chances of securing the deal.

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