5 Safety Tips for Dealing with a Detached Power Line 

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Power lines down

Detached power lines are not uncommon, especially in parts of the country where strong storms happen regularly. Power line detachment can occur throughout the year caused by falling trees, strong winds, or winter storms. If a power line near your house does come down, electrical safety rule #1 is to know is that it is never safe to handle a detached power line. Follow the 5 tips below to help keep you and your family safe.

Do not panic: Most power companies have smart indicators that allow them to cut the supply to a downed or damaged power line as soon as it is discovered. This means that if the electrical supply to the line is cut off, it reduces the possibility of additional problems like fire or electrocution. Keep calm, but always assume that the detached power line is live and can cause injury or death. These smart indicators do not always work immediately and extreme caution should be taken when dealing with a detached or broken power line. 

Don’t touch anything: A downed power line may not be emitting sparks, so always assume that the line is live. You may be tempted to fix the problem yourself, but touching a live line can be lethal. Ensure you get professional help to fix the matter.

Alert your utility: Call the power company and inform them about the issue. They will advise you on the best course of action and will deploy a team to fix the line. They may also give you additional safety instructions for your family.

Stay away: Electricity is volatile in nature and is always looking to be grounded. A detached, but live, power line on the ground poses a serious threat. Experts suggest that you stay at least 30-50 feet away from the power line to reduce the chances of an accident.

Try to warn the neighbors: A live power line that is detached from its connectors can pose a serious threat not only to you, but to anyone in the area. This is true for yourself, your family, your neighbors and their children, any guests to the area, as well as pets that may wander too close to the downed line. Warning those around you will allow them to take the proper precautions to remain safe.

Check out this video from AEP, and read more about safely encountering a downed power line.

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