Keep your coverage
Optional protection plans from HomeServe are moving to direct billing

Why can’t I keep my plans from HomeServe on my CenterPoint Energy bill?

  • CenterPoint Energy customers who elect to keep their HomeServe coverage must now elect direct billing through HomeServe.

I would like to keep my plans from HomeServe. What do I need to do to maintain my coverage?

  • Call HomeServe at 800-533-0750.
  • Provide your billing details.

What will change when I sign up for direct bill from HomeServe?

  • Protection plans from HomeServe will be billed directly by HomeServe.
  • Protection plan costs will not be on your CenterPoint Energy bill.
  • Your start date will change to the date the plan(s) is re-enrolled with your new payment method.

I understand my billing method is changing but is everything else staying the same?

  • Yes, your monthly protection plan coverage, cost, and customer service will all stay the same.
  • Your natural gas service from CenterPoint Energy will not change.

Will I have to wait an additional 30 days for repairs after switching over my payment details?

  • No, you will not have to wait an additional 30 days for repairs.
  • You must only wait 30 days from your original enrollment date to schedule a repair.

I just updated my payment details. How long will it take for my new payment method to be billed?

  • Your new payment method will typically be billed within 3 days of enrollment.

What if I have already been billed for my plan(s) from HomeServe this month?

  • If you have been billed already, that charge will cover the cost of your plan(s) for the previous month. The new payment method will be charged and will cover the cost of plan(s) for the current month and all months moving forward that your system(s) is actively protected by a plan(s) from HomeServe.

I’m not sure if I have coverage from HomeServe. How do I know if I’m enrolled in a protection plan from HomeServe?

  • Call HomeServe at 800-533-0750.
For more information, call HomeServe at 800-533-0750