Service line plans beneficial

Source by Pinal Central
June 2, 2018

Editor, Casa Grande Dispatch:

I would like to address the story “Maricopa residents call out city for 'scam' partnership” as it included a few items needing clarification. I appreciate the opportunity to explain the partnerships Service Line Warranties of America has with many communities in Arizona and across the country.

One of the benefits cities achieve with the SLWA program is increasing awareness of residents about their responsibilities for the service lines on their property. Cities also benefit by expanding services to residents with an option to ease the financial burden and inconvenience associated with repairs to these pipes.

It is very difficult to determine when the service pipe, that is typically more than just “a few feet” long, from the meter near the curb to the home may fail. Key contributors to failure are the type of piping material, age of the pipe, soil conditions and installation quality. That said, even with the relatively young housing stock in Maricopa, Jon Corwin was right when he said in the story that pipes do routinely break.

Our service plans are designed to cover these types of normal wear and tear failures encountered by homeowners and get the repairs done right by quality local contractors from the community.

We take pride in our partnerships, the transparent way in which our company operates and the optional plans we offer that can ease the burden of home repairs for Maricopa residents and other Arizonans.

Myles Meehan
SVP, Public Relations
HomeServe USA, parent company of Service Line Warranties of America