PSEG WorryFree benefits Long Island Residents

October 23, 2019

Following an October 16, 2019 article that appeared in The Independent, HomeServe responded to clarify the PSEG WorryFree program, that is operated by HomeServe, in a letter to the editor published on page 4 of the October 23, 2019 edition of The Independent.  The editors titled our response: “What? Me Worry?”  A version of the letter is provided here: 

As many readers are now learning, homeowners on Long Island now have access to optional, peace-of-mind service plans that take the worry out of unexpected and costly home repairs. These plans are available through HomeServe USA under the PSEG WorryFree brand.  There are a variety of plans offered under this program to meet homeowners’ needs, with coverage for repairs to electrical wiring, furnaces, boilers, air conditioning systems, plumbing, and other major home systems.

An October 16, 2019 article in The Independent (“Protection For The Home Or Another Monthly Bill?”) talked about the plans that are available, and we want to provide some clarification to make sure readers fully understand the scope of the plans and what responsibilities homeowners have.

First, this program is administered by HomeServe USA under an agreement with PSEG WorryFree Long Island LLC, which is completely separate from PSEG Long Island, the electric utility. This is an important distinction. All mailings customers receive clearly spell out this distinction and indicate that the mail is from HomeServe under the PSEG WorryFree mark. HomeServe USA is committed to always operating in complete transparency, which is why the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

PSEG Long Island electric customers have no obligation to purchase PSEG WorryFree services from HomeServe USA, and their decision whether to purchase has no effect on their electric service from PSEG Long Island or its cost.

Second, we want to make sure there is no confusion around what part of the exterior electrical system that connects a home to the PSEG Long Island grid is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain versus what PSEG Long Island owns and maintains. The meter is not the homeowner’s responsibility, as the previous article stated, it is owned and maintained by PSEG Long Island. We encourage readers to visit the PSEG Long Island’s website, and search for service and rates and then navigate to electric service equipment, to understand what portion of the home exterior electric service is the customers’ responsibility.

The exterior electric plan and all the other available service plans can be a wise financial planning option for homeowners. On top of taking the hassle and financial burden out of an inconvenient home repair emergency, a PSEG WorryFree service plan from HomeServe gives homeowners comfort knowing that they will be protected if and when a covered home repair emergency strikes.

Myles Meehan
SVP Public Relations, HomeServe