Peace-of-Mind Service Plans Available to Dominion Utah Customers

Dominion Energy Utah customers have access to optional home emergency repair service plans through a partnership between Dominion Products & Services (DPS), an affiliate of Dominion Energy, and HomeServe USA. The low-cost plans range from $5.49 to $13.99 a month and cover the cost of repairs to or replacement of interior gas piping and electric lines, interior and exterior plumbing systems, heating and cooling system, water heaters, and more. For convenience, the charge for any selected optional repair plan a homeowner chooses through this program will appear on the customer’s Dominion Energy Utah gas bill.

Many homeowners do not realize they are responsible for repairs to the service lines connecting their homes to utility systems and that these repairs are not covered under typical homeowners’ insurance.

Here are the facts:

Many Utahans Are Already Enjoying These Peace-Of-Mind Plans.

Since the program first launched in May 2018, over 9,300 Dominion Energy Utah homeowner customers have signed up for one or more optional HomeServe repair service plans. During the last 12 months, HomeServe-approved local contractors have completed 136 jobs for customers saving them $116,000. These are repairs that homeowners otherwise would have had to pay for out of pocket. Homeowners who have needed service over the past six months rated their experience with 4.9 out of 5 Stars.

Across the state, HomeServe has provided services to more than 37,000 Utah residents since 2014. Over the last 12 months, HomeServe licensed and approved contractors have performed 3,000 jobs for these residents, saving them more than $2 million.

HomeServe Plans Are Optional.

All of the service plans are optional. The optional service plans provide Dominion Energy customers in Utah with access to a HomeServe Repair Hotline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as local, licensed, and insured technicians who will come to their home for to perform covered repairs all with no call out fees or deductibles.

Service Plans Cover What Most Homeowners Insurance Does Not.

Most homeowners are surprised to learn they are responsible for the repair and the replacement of broken, blocked or leaking utility lines on their property – including homeowner owned electric, gas, sewer and water lines. While most basic homeowners’ policies will pay to repair the consequential damage that results from failed utility lines, they do not cover the repair itself or arrange for contractors to come and make repairs. We encourage homeowners to call their insurance company to determine actual coverage available to them, when considering this service offer.

Repair Plans Are Offered by HomeServe, An Independent Company.

DPS and HomeServe are committed to transparency in communications. All the materials clearly state that the services being offered are optional and that they are offered by HomeServe, a separate company, in partnership with DPS. HomeServe has an agreement with DPS to offer and administer these service plans on behalf of DPS. Through the partnership and as the program administrator, HomeServe uses the Dominion logo on communication materials to indicate that there is a relationship in place between the companies and to let customers know that the offering is legitimate, is for the customer’s benefit and has the approval of Dominion Energy. These partnerships provide a great benefit to homeowners and is why over 750 municipalities and utilities have partnered with HomeServe across the country.

HomeServe Is Committed To Transparency.

HomeServe is 100% committed to complete transparency in all of our operations, one of the factors that has earned the company an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. HomeServe purchases a mailing list from an independent provider to facilitate the mailing to consumers in Utah. Dominion Energy Utah does not provide any of its customer data to HomeServe. If customers would prefer not to receive program solicitations from HomeServe as part of this program, they can call HomeServe toll-free at (833) 808-6703.

The Partnership Has Been Through A Comprehensive Review By The Utah Public Service Commission.

In May 2018 shortly after the initial program launched, Utah’s Public Service Commission initiated a review of the program to see if it was in compliance with applicable regulations. As a result of this action, DPS and HomeServe temporarily stopped program marketing during the Commission proceedings. Following collaboration on proposed rules addressing the use of customer data and utility branding for marketing purposes, DPS and HomeServe resumed program marketing to Utah customers.