HomeServe Repair Plans: Two Things to Keep in Mind

August 5, 2019

For over twelve years, HomeServe and the Portland Water District in Maine have been partners, making sure customers have access to affordable peace-of-mind service plans that take the hassle out of common but expensive home repair emergencies. 

8,300 Portland homeowners, nearly 20% of those eligible, have signed up for at least one HomeServe service plan. While that number alone is clear evidence of how popular these proven service plans are, even more outstanding is that 2,500 jobs have been completed by HomeServe’s local, licensed and qualified repair contractor network during that time, saving homeowners over $2 million in unplanned repair expense. 

Despite evidence from the more than 700 communities and utility providers, like the Portland Water District, that have partnered with HomeServe, some still have questions about whether a service plan is a wise investment. 

Here are two things to keep in mind:

    • First, repairs to and replacement of the water, sewer, electrical and gas lines on a homeowner’s property are not covered by standard homeowners insurance. Some companies may offer a rider that can be added to homeowners insurance for an additional charge. These insurance riders come with deductibles that typically range from $500-$1,000. A HomeServe service plan covering one of these systems has ZERO deductible. If you have a single claim in a year under the homeowners insurance option, you will pay substantially more than you would with a zero-deductible HomeServe plan. 

    • Second, finding a trusted home repair contractor can be a big hassle. In fact, a HomeServe Biannual State of the Home Survey, conducted by the Harris Poll, found that almost one-third of homeowners are concerned about selecting a trustworthy contractor. That’s one of the great benefits of a HomeServe repair plan. We’ve already vetted the contractors for you to make sure that the local contractor who shows up at your home is top quality, and the covered repairs are guaranteed for one year.

Four million customers across the U.S. and Canada have made the prudent financial decision to purchase a HomeServe repair plan. The Portland Water District should be commended for its commitment to making available to its customers an affordable option to protect themselves against the expense and inconvenience of unexpected home emergency repairs.