Dominion Energy Utah Customers Are Owed the Full Story

May 4, 2018
by HomeServe

Recent news stories in the Salt Lake City Utah area overlook many important facts about HomeServe’s newly launched partnership with Dominion Energy to provide optional home emergency repair service plans to area homeowners.  These stories use a misleading consumer alert and a handful of concerns and turn them into sensationalized pieces against HomeServe. The low-cost plans that are part of the program that Dominion Energy is making available to its customers in Utah, range from $5.49 to $13.99 a month, cover the cost of repairs to or replacement of interior gas piping and electric lines, interior and exterior plumbing systems, heating and cooling system, water heaters, and more.

For more objective coverage of the partnership, check out this story that aired on Utah Public Radio from NPR/KPCW.

HomeServe has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is 100% committed to transparency in everything we do. The fact that these plans are optional is very clearly stated on every piece of communication received by homeowners. Further, our communications use the Dominion Energy logo to make it clear that the program is being offered in partnership with Dominion Energy, but they also specifically state that the service plans themselves are offered by HomeServe, not Dominion Energy. 

As a way of background on the partnership, Dominion Energy had offered these optional programs to its customers in other Dominion Energy territories in Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia for many years.  In 2017, Dominion Energy sold its program to HomeServe and, in effect, outsourced the provision of it going forward to HomeServe. This program is now being rolled out to Dominion Energy customers in Utah for the first time. 

One televised story also questioned the accuracy of a drawing included in a customer communication. The diagram clearly shows either in color or shading, the portion of the gas piping network that is the homeowner’s responsibility.  Dominion Energy, as our partner, approved the letters prior to use, which is our practice in all of our partnerships.

Typical Homeowner's Responsibility

HomeServe has similar partnerships with over 500 leading municipalities, utilities and associations, serving nearly 3.5 million customers across the U.S. and Canada.  Over the last 3 years, HomeServe has performed 1.2 million repairs for customers, saving them hundreds of million in repair expenses.   Our service plans provide great value and peace of mind during a repair emergency, and we encourage Utah homeowners to give them careful consideration. 

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