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Garage Storage

During times of stress, it helps me to stay organized and focused on things I can control. Since we are in the midst of corona virus and the COVID 19 pandemic, I’ve found a way to keep my mind off of current events (at least for a few hours.) I’ve been furiously cleaning closets, organizing the kitchen pantry, donating items when I can to those affected by this unprecedented health crisis. Next on my list, the garage.

When items in your garage start falling on your car, you know it’s time to do some serious organizing. Garage organizing is an important part of maintaining your entire home. Plus, did you know that disorganization can raise stress levels? Bringing a little extra calm into your life is just one good reason to organize your garage.

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Whether it’s been a long time since you've rearranged, or you’ve just been busy inside your home, the following will provide some tips on what to consider before embarking on your DIY garage organization project.

Vertical Shelving

If you use your garage to store seasonal items (or for things that you just don’t use very often), these shelves will provide a perfect storage solution. Several different vertical garage shelving units exist that will help keep your stuff organized. You can select from metal, wire, or plastic shelving units. You may need a few different ones to accommodate your needs. Select from wide or narrow to best fit the sizing needs of your garage space and the size of what you want to store. With vertical storage units, it’s also important to look to see that they come with cross bracing or sway braces, to keep the shelving as sturdy as possible.

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Horizontal Shelving

Another option that provides a clean and neat appearance is horizontal ceiling shelves. This type of shelving is perfect for freeing up floor space in your garage. One continuous shelf can hang a few feet from the ceiling, and these racks help to make your garage a more functional space for your vehicles, bikes, generators, lawn mowers and toys. Keep in mind that with overhead garage storage racks, you would need to stand on a step ladder to get your containers down. For help installing one of these shelving units, check out this DIY video.


These are great for the person who wants to use their garage as a workroom too. Using several different hooks positioned in the holes of the pegboard, you can hang a variety of tools. This is especially useful if you have a workbench or worktable. It allows you to work in an efficient manner on your DIY projects and then neatly put your tools away when you're done. You can actually purchase an entire steel pegboard kit if desired. 

Wall storage

You won't need to use up floor or ceiling space when utilizing the garage walls. Wall storage allows you to hang up just about anything: rakes, shovels, ladders, bikes, sleds, backpacks, hoses, and more on your garage walls. You will need to invest in the proper hardware. Look to purchase metal hooks or wall hangers, most of which can be found at retailers like Home Depot®, The Container Store®, or Lowe’s®.

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Final Thoughts

Most likely, the best scenario will be that you’ll need a combination storage units and tools. If you opt to go with the horizontal shelves, you'll probably still want at least one vertical shelf for things like your automotive fluids, hose, an extension cord, and so on. With a little bit of planning and investment, you can have your garage organized just the way you want it. For extra tips, check out this helpful garage storage video.

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