The Rood Family

This is our HomeServe story

Home is where you get to relax at the end of the day.

I always look forward to coming home, chilling with the family and watching TV with dinner on the settee.

It’s home, it’s security, it’s comfort.

My name is James, I live with Gemma my wife and Sophia, my four year old girl and we’re expecting a little boy to join us any day soon.

So, I just finished decorating the nursery, ready for our new arrival. I was walking down the stairs, the wife turned to me and said there was a stain on the kitchen ceiling.

I had a quick look and realised it was the bath leaking. So we called HomeServe up who sent out an engineer on the same day. Then Chris our engineer arrived at our house. So we went upstairs where the little’un was very excited to see him.

Chris talked through the issue with Sophia at length. He gave Sofia his torch. He went through it all and explained what he needed to do to fix the problem.

Excited as she was, she grabbed her tool kit and was working with Chris to fix the issue.

Smiling family - the Roods: Father, daughter and mother
Father and daughter fixing the bath
Little girl, called Sophia, smiling

It all started with a Tweet…

Chris, the HomeServe engineer who helped the Rood family get their home back on track, couldn’t believe his eyes when Sophia decided to help.

In fact, the entire HomeServe team was blown away by our new ‘little plumber girl’ Sophia, so we had to get in touch and find out more about the Roods’ story.

Thank you to the Rood family for sharing their #MyHappyHome story.

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