What’s your #MyHappyHome?

Whatever keeps you happy at home, we’re here to keep it moving. Check out some of the things that bring our Customers joy and the ways we’ve helped them. And if you’ve got something to share, we want to hear it. Whether it’s a HomeServe success story or a Friday ‘aaaaah’ moment.


Getting Boxing Day back on track

A complicated issue, but he fixed it.

We woke up on Boxing Day and realised the heating wasn’t on. We checked the boiler and the lights had gone off.

We had people coming over, so it was important we got it working again.

A quick fix over the phone

Matt's self-fix adventure

A quick fix over the phone.

I was doing a few jobs around the house and decided to bleed the radiators. I’ve done it before, but it was different this time.

The pressure in the boiler dropped and I had no idea what to do. So I called HomeServe.

Professor Stevens' Story

The Story Home is everything

Home is my lovely house

When the toilet began to leak, the engineer turned up instantly. He was a young chap, happy to go above and beyond – even went down a manhole outside. Whatever it took to get life back to normal.

A leak in the loft...

We got a leak in the loft for Christmas

We got a leak in the loft
for Christmas

We’ve lived here 34 years. Since our girls left home it’s just the two
of us and Suki the cat, though our little grandson pops round Mondays.

I noticed some damp patches around the cold water tank.


Sophia is our Little Plumber Girl

Sophia and Chris are the HomeServe
dream team.

We had a new baby on the way and four-year-old Sophia was excited. But she still found time to get her toolbox out and help Chris the HomeServe engineer.

No wonder he fixed our leak so quickly and we could get back to decorating the nursery.

Simone's story

When I got home to change for my hospital shift and saw water dripping from the laundry room ceiling, I screamed (in G major).

Then I called HomeServe and they were oh so helpful. Promising to send an engineer the next morning was pretty impressive. But then they called me at work to say “Actually we can be there in 20 minutes.”

The long-standing leak was found and fixed. Now the only pipes I need to worry about are the ones I sing with.

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If you’ve got something to share, we want to hear it. Whether it’s about how we’ve got your day back on track (from broken boilers to leaky ceilings), or simply whatever makes you happy at home.