Why pollinators matter


Take a closer look at pollinators with Alys and you’ll discover how they contribute so much to our environment.

Firstly let’s get one thing straight, honeybees are awesome, they pollinate all sorts of great crops like apples and almonds and if that wasn’t enough they make honey and beeswax too. Their liquid gold is reason enough for us to have a life long relationship with them. But honeybees are not the only ones out there doing all the hard work. They are just the only bees we can persuade to give up a substantial amount of their food. Many other pollinators go to work everyday to make our world as rich and beautiful as it is. 

Butterflies, moths, hoverflies, wasps, beetles, houseflies, lacewings,ladybirds and even a few midges pollinate our wildflowers and crops in the British Isles and every one of these have an important part to play in keeping our world diverse.  If you didn’t have pollinators, you’d have a third less food, the obvious stuff like apples, strawberries and cherries, but you’d also have less dairy products and beef because our cows feed off crops pollinated by insects.