With cover for wiring, switches, sockets and fuse box, this insurance will help make sure an electrical breakdown doesn’t leave you in the dark

per month in your first year
Annual price : £36
Your excess : £30
Your excess is the amount you’ll have to pay upfront each time you make a claim. This insurance is also available with a £0 excess for £5 a month.
Your price will increase at renewal, but you’ll always receive a reminder. If you choose to continue into your second year, the expected price for customers who haven’t made a claim is £7.45 a month* (£89.40 for the year).

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This insurance is for

  • Homeowners

  • People who only want cover for their home's electrics


What's covered

  • Failed wiring
  • A breakdown of your fuse box
  • Broken power sockets or switches
  • Faults on the electric shower unit
  • Unlimited number of claims

What isn't covered

  • Household appliances
  • Faults within your boiler
  • Mixer and digital showers

Let’s get started

  • First, check you're not covered elsewhere

    This is to make sure you're not paying for cover you don't need.
  • Check you're eligible - this cover is for homeowners only

    Protection for mobile homes, park homes, business premises, council and housing association properties is not included in this policy.
  • Don't forget to read the policy documents

    It’s important that you read the Insurance Product Information Document and the Terms and Conditions before taking out the policy.
Remove the stress and cost of unexpected electrics problems...
Did you know the average cost to replace failed wiring to a wall light is £226?
With Electrics cover, you only pay the first £30 excess per claim.
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    Avg cost to fix
  • Replace a standard normal power socket
  • Replace broken light switch
  • Replace failed wiring to a security light
  • Replace cable damaged by DIY accident
  • Replace a medium sized fuse box
BCIS© Research, September 2022 (prices include labour, parts, call-out charges and VAT)

Frequently asked questions

  • Am I eligible for this insurance?

    • This insurance is only for homeowners.

      It doesn’t include protection for mobile homes or park homes. Business premises and council and housing association properties cannot be covered.

  • What information will I need to buy this insurance?

    • To make buying your cover as simple as possible, please make sure you have the following information to hand:

      • Details of the house, bungalow or flat you want to cover
      • A valid email address
      • The bank details of whoever will pay for the insurance.
  • What happens if I change my mind?

    • There is a cancellation period that begins at the same time as your cover. This is shown in your Policy Schedule as the Cancellation Period.

      If you cancel your cover during the cancellation period and have not made a claim, you will receive a full refund.

      If you have made a claim, you will receive a refund less an amount for the number of days which you have been on cover.

      If you cancel after the cancellation period and have not made a claim, you will receive a refund less an amount for the number of days you have been on cover.

      If you have made a claim, you will be required to pay any remaining payments due for the term of your policy.

      See the terms and conditions of your policy for more information on cancellation.

  • When will I be able to make my first claim?

    • Once your policy is set up, there’ll be an initial 28 day exclusion period during which you will not be able to claim.

      After that, you can make an unlimited number of claims a year.

  • When and how will I have to pay my excess?

    • You will have to pay £30 for each claim you make. We’ll need this payment before your claim can be progressed.

      We can only accept payment using the following cards: Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit or Maestro.

      Please read the terms and conditions of your policy for full details.

  • What if I need a repair that isn’t covered by my insurance?

    • Don’t worry. HomeServe’s one off repairs team can help!

      We offer a range of fixed price services that will help keep your home running smoothly. All our repairs are carried out by HomeServe approved experts, and it’s simple and quick to book your repair online.

  • What happens after I’ve had my cover for a year?

    • Your cover is set up so that it will automatically renew every year. This is to make the process of renewing easier and ensure your home has continuous cover. We’ll send you a reminder about 4 weeks before your cover is due to renew. This will confirm the price of your cover for the next year and prompt you to check that it still meets your needs.

      The price of your cover will increase at renewal. Customers about to renew their cover for a second year can expect to pay £7.45 a month (£89.40 for the year), provided they have made no claims.

      If you’d rather your cover didn’t automatically renew, you can cancel this feature when you apply. Alternatively, you can login or contact us to switch off automatic renewal at any time afterwards.

      If you decide you don’t want your cover to automatically renew, you’ll need to contact us each year to renew it yourself and organise payment.

  • Will I have to pay any extra fees or charges?

    • No. You only have to pay your insurance premium and - in the event you make a claim - your excess.

      Our prices include all fees and Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

  • Who provides this insurance?

    • This cover is sold, arranged and administered by HomeServe and underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited. Aviva Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

      Aviva Insurance Limited is registered in Scotland as company number 2116. Its registered address is:

      PH2 0NH.

      HomeServe is an insurance intermediary and arranges and administers cover on behalf of the underwriter. HomeServe is a trading name of HomeServe Membership Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for general insurance and credit broking activities, under firm reference number 312518.

      Our registered address is:

      Cable Drive,
      West Midlands,
      WS2 7BN.

      HomeServe Membership Limited is registered in England as company number 2770612. Our VAT registration number is GB559669669.

      The regulatory status of Aviva Insurance Limited and HomeServe can be checked on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Financial Services Register.

  • Where can I find the product documents and terms and conditions that relate to my cover?

*Price includes any applicable Insurance Premium Tax and is subject to any inflation and tax rate changes.

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This insurance is also available with a £0 excess for £5 per month

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