Homes of the future are smart. From interactive doorbells and fridges that order your grocery shopping to devices that can detect hidden water leaks within your pipes, technology is helping us become more efficient in the home.

The latest generation of smart thermostats is no exception and is specially designed to intelligently control temperature – ensuring your home will be just how you like it, each and every time.

A smart thermostat can help you manage your household heating, cleverly learning your lifestyle patterns and heating your home to the right temperature.


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Here are four reasons why you should join the smart thermostat revolution:


  • Complete control anytime, anywhere

Thanks to its app software which can be downloaded directly to your mobile or tablet, as long as you have a good internet connection you can connect to your home’s smart thermostat.

Whether you want to turn the heating up/ down or on/ off, you’ll be able to adjust your heating and hot water settings at the click of a button.


  • Reduce your bills

By only heating your property when needed, a smart thermostat can give you greater control over your heating and save you money on your energy bills. In fact, by installing a tado˚ smart thermostat you could save up to 31% on your heating bills*.


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  • Use less energy

Helping ensure you’ll only use the energy you need, exactly when you need it, your smart thermostat will help you identify the best times for turning on your heating and hot water, making it possible to achieve the perfect temperature faster and more efficiently.


  • Let it do the hard work for you

From monitoring weather patterns and adjusting its temperature automatically, to using the location of your phone to determine whether anyone is at home and if heating is required – the best smart thermostats on the market have a range of high tech features.


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Our network of engineers is spread across England, Wales and Scotland and is fully-trained and experienced in the installation of smart thermostat devices, such as Nest and tado˚. No matter the size of your budget or home, HomeServe can help by recommending the solution that’s right for your needs.


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*Source: Savings based on a scientific study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics showing the greatest factor determining savings is presence detection and savings of up to 24% could be achieved. Further savings of up to 7% could be achieved due to tado˚’s weather forecast function.

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