Ever wondered which household appliances drain the most energy?

We all know that we shouldn’t leave our gadgets on standby, but unfortunately energy wastage within the average home doesn’t stop there.


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Take for example white goods such as a fridge/ freezer. Likely to be plugged in and switched on all day every day, a fridge/ freezer is one of the biggest offenders.

Working to cool the air in the empty spaces between your food, filling your appliance to its full capacity will save money on your energy bills. Upgrading your model to a new A+ rated fridge/ freezer could save you up to £57 in electricity over the lifetime of the product. To make further savings, consider reducing the size of your appliance.

Dishwashers and tumble dryers go a long way to running up bills too! Dishwashers, for example can cost up to £40 to run in a year alone. However the newer your appliance, and the more efficient it is, the cheaper it will be to run. In the case of dishwashers, increased efficiency means less electricity and less water wastage.

How you use smaller gadgets and appliances can also have an impact on your bills. For example, boiling only the amount of water you require will dramatically reduce your electricity consumption. It’s estimated that Brits waste £68m a year by heating more water than is needed.

While it doesn’t feature in our list of the top 12 energy guzzling appliances, the desktop PC is renowned for wasting electricity even when not in use. To combat this opt for a laptop instead, which is estimated to use up to 85% less electricity over the period of one year, due to its smaller screen and components.

To ensure your appliances use as little energy as possible why not consider investing in an energy monitor? Able to show you how much energy your home’s consuming in real-time, you can expect to pay between £30-100 for a quality energy monitor.

Easy to install and use, an energy monitor will clip onto your electricity meter while displaying your consumption on a small screen.


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